Librarians recall the transformation of the central library. The faculty is proud of its restored bible. Use the Digital Humanitites website.

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5 Jun 2022, 17:30  |  Čeština

Faculty Newsletter

Get to know the regulations and come to the matinee

Dear colleagues,

after a semester that finally took place without any major epidemiological constraints, we find ourselves in the exam period. However, in addition to the activities usually associated with it, we have two extraordinary events to look forward to.

The first of these may cause some of us some displeasure and a feeling of unnecessary extra bureaucratic work. We should, in fact, during this year gradually become familiar with the important regulations governing the running of our alma mater. We are obliged by law to familiarise our staff with our internal regulations, and if we have decided to pursue the HR Award, which has brought and will undoubtedly bring many positives to our faculty, we must demonstrate that the environment in our faculty is transparent and that everyone is aware of the regulations that govern it. The HR Award team, in collaboration with the Faculty Academic Senate, has done their best to make the whole process as simple, supportive, and consistently helpful as possible.

The second event is an afternoon matinee entitled Faculty to Self. I would like to join Vice-Dean Jastrzembska's invitation for several reasons. The most compelling is certainly what we have gone through against our will in the past two years, and what we want to believe is behind us. We have experienced firsthand how unfortunate it is when we cannot meet in person. So let's take the opportunity to talk - perhaps about familiarisation with the regulations - to delight our senses by eating goodies in the fresh air, but most importantly to be together for a while. I firmly believe that this makes sense.

Irena Radová
Dean of MU Faculty of Arts

Launching the app for familiarisation with regulations

It will enable employees to receive updates on changes to internal regulations in a prompt manner and provide them with a place where they can conveniently refer back to any regulations.


Faculty to Self. Afternoon matinee at the beginning of summer

On Monday 27 June we are planning a meeting in the Faculty Courtyard with refreshments, space for informal discussions, and maybe even some entertainment. You can participate in the exact shape of the event.

Librarians recall: 20 years of the Central Library building

The main library building celebrated 20 years since its opening. To mark the occasion, we asked the staff what has changed in the library over the years or what they like to remember.


The Faculty of Arts is proud of its restored Prague Bible

The book was published shortly after the invention of the printing press and contains illuminated initials. It represents the only incunabula in the Faculty collection.

Are you involved in Digital Humanities? Share your experience or take advantage of a consultation

The aim of the special faculty website is to highlight interesting activities in this area. Anyone can contribute an article. If you are preparing a digital collection, archive, database, or another research platform, you can use the consultation or be inspired by the recommendations.

Support for the development of online and blended learning is forthcoming

Several projects from the National Renewal Fund should bring funding for student assistants and teachers, but also for workshops and a mini-conference.


The new ELF installation is upcoming

Before the start of the autumn semester 2022, we will again be regularly transferring courses to the new ELF (Moodle) installation. It will be available from approximately the middle of the summer holidays.

Need to scan books? Use the CIT service

It also includes post-production work such as editing scans or recognizing text and converting it into a format such as MS Word.


Do you use a Multisport card? Experience a top summer

You can visit selected Czech castles and chateaus, take advantage of a wellness package or rent a boat or go to a nature house.

What awaits us in the coming months

Mon 23 May – Sun 11 Sep 2022

Applying for registration for the autumn semester 

If you have met the requirements for advancement to the next semester, be sure to apply for enrollment in a timely manner.

Mon 23 May – Fri 1 Jul 2022

Exam period

Thu 2 Jun – Thu 15 Sep 2022

Colours of Faith: the beginnings of European glass painting 

The new panel exhibition in the Reading Room is dedicated to the beginnings of European stained glass art. It will present the main themes, problems, but also the most famous glassworks from the beginning to the late 12th century.

Wed 8 Jun 2022

Open Science Workshop 2022 

Sat 18 Jun 2022

Run for St. Elizabeth's Hospice 

Join the charity running happening, the proceeds of which are intended to support the non-profit organization Hospice of St. Elizabeth, which cares primarily for patients in the final phase of life.

Mon 27 Jun 2022

Faculty to Self. Afternoon matinee at the beginning of summer

From 13:30 we invite you to an informal meeting in the Faculty Courtyard. You can let us know your preliminary participation via the questionnaire.

Mon 27 Jun – Fri 1 Jul 2022

Scriptorium Brunense 

Summer school of auxiliary historical sciences. Learn about archival sources first hand!

Fri 1 Jul 2022

Publication of the timetable and start of course registration 

Mon 29 Aug – Fri 9 Sep 2022

Extended exam period

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

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The next issue of the faculty newsletter will be published on July 3. Submissions can be sent to by June 29.

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