Read the summer series Bake and cook from old prints. The library will be closed in July and partially closed in August. The study office will also be closed.

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4 Jul 2022, 16:24  |  Čeština

Faculty Newsletter

Editorial: We wish you a summer in the spirit of the matinee

Dear colleagues,

a year ago at this time, we were rejoicing at the relaxation of anti-epidemic measures that had long restricted faculty operations and, above all, our mutual meetings. In that context, we were reminiscing about the successful Alumni Day, which brought the Faculty to life in June of the anniversary year 2019. We are extremely pleased to look back today on a similar event that allowed the Faculty staff to end the academic year in a pleasant and informal manner, with a drink in hand and music resounding through the courtyard. We were also delighted by your interest in exploring new places in the faculty and trying new things. Whether you attended the "afternoon matinee" or not, we offer you a little look back at it through the lens of Marek Augustin and wish you to enjoy your summer in exactly that spirit. Thank you so much for attending the event, and let's recharge our batteries over the break for the fall semester when we have more events like this coming up, which we hope nothing will interrupt. We will look forward to further cooperation and meetings.

On behalf of the Office for External Relations of FF MU and the editorial team of the faculty newsletter
Tomáš Weissar

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The English version of the faculty newsletter is automatically delivered to those who have a nationality other than Czech or Slovak in the system. However, we have received feedback that even foreigners would prefer to receive the Czech version. If this is the case, please let us know.

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Read the summer series Bake and cook from old prints

In it, we will bring recipes from a historical cookbook from the Central Library's collection. The first is a recipe for chocolate cake.

Find out more (CZ)

The library will be closed in July and partially in August

The main library building, Reading Room, and kaFFe will be closed in July. Opening hours will be reduced in August compared to normal.

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How the Study Office will (not) work in August

From 30 July to 21 August 2022, the MU Faculty of Arts Office for Studies (related to the Czech study programs) will be closed for operational reasons. Sort out what you need in time.

Find out more (CZ)

Don't miss the opportunity to change your study plan

Have you found that a minor is not for you? Or, on the other hand, do you want to make a double-subject study out of a single-subject? All of these are possible after the 2nd semester.

Find out more (CZ)

Faculty personalities have always stood out from the grey of their times, says Štědroň

The leading musicologist and composer Miloš Štědron, who celebrated a significant jubilee this year, about his childhood or the new Mendel opera.

Listen to the interview (CZ)

A fire test will verify faculty safety after a year again

A practice fire alarm will trigger a test of the fire alarm systems, signaling, and evacuation radio in each building on 27 and 29 July and 3 August.

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The To the World website has undergone a transformation

The website for students about foreign study trips has a new structure and graphic design. So far in Czech, the English version will follow.

Find out more (CZ)

Join the semester Foundations of University Teaching Excellence

The CERPEK (Competence Development Centre) offers a new English course for the first time.

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We have had another year with the HR Award

Recall the activities we have planned in the Action Plan and find out how we have progressed and what lies ahead in the future.

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What awaits us in the coming months

Mon 23 May – Sun 11 Sep 2022

Applying for registration for the autumn semester 

If you have met the requirements for advancement to the next semester, be sure to apply for enrollment in a timely manner.

Mon 30 May – Fri 9 Sep 2022

Final exams period

Thu 2 Jun – Thu 15 Sep 2022

Colours of Faith: the beginnings of European glass painting 

The new panel exhibition in the Reading Room is dedicated to the beginnings of European stained glass art. It will present the main themes, problems, but also the most famous glassworks from the beginning to the late 12th century.

Fri 1 – Sun 31 Jul 2022

Publication of the timetable and registration of courses 

Mon 1 Aug – Sun 25 Sep 2022

Enrolment of courses and seminar groups 

Tue 23 Aug 2022

Summer in the Reading Room: women, beer, singing 

On 23 August at 5 PM, Miloš Štědroň will ask what a musical is, how it came into being and whether it is "revenge on opera for its pride". On 30 August, Zdeňka Jastrzembská will present texts by Czech women from the 19th century with a romantic view of the world and nature. In September we are preparing a lecture by Libor Zajíc on the history of beer.

Mon 29 Aug – Fri 9 Sep 2022

Extended exam period

Mon 12 – Fri 16 Sep 2022

Start of classes and orientation week for freshmen

Fri 30 Sep 2022

Scientists' Night 

The pan-European science outreach event, which engages all people in the inspiring environment of science, has this year's theme All the Senses. We will definitely join the MU Faculty of Arts as usual. After a few years offline again!

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

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