We offered help to Czech and Ukrainian students, and we set up a psychological helpline. Each of us can make a financial donation.

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Faculty Newsletter

Dean's statement on the current events in Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

Allow me to inform you about the positions and actions declared and taken by the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in recent days in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Already on Thursday 24 February, on behalf of the faculty, I expressed my full support for the declaration of the Rector of Masaryk University, Martin Bareš, against the war in Ukraine. On the same day, I sent a personal letter to Ukrainian students and academics working at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, in which I offered to help them in their difficult situation, whether in the form of study concessions or scholarship or other support. On Friday, 25 February, the Faculty joined Masaryk University's anti-Russian sanctions by terminating inter-university agreements on cooperation with Russian universities. At the same time, I called on the five students of our Faculty who are currently staying at universities in Russia to return to their home country immediately, and they were offered the full support of the Faculty in arranging transport connections and other related logistical matters. Although the Faculty clearly rejects Russia's actions towards Ukraine, I have also contacted Russian students and academic staff and offered them help as well. I assume that many of them disapprove of the aggression, and I believe that ordinary citizens should be as little affected as possible by sanctions against the reprehensible actions of Russian government officials.

On Friday, the flag of Ukraine was flown over the main entrance to the Faculty campus on Arna Novaka Street as an expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and as a protest against the Russian invasion. However, we are ready not only for symbolic support but also for specific actions. I, therefore, welcome the initiative of the Department of Psychology, which has set up a crisis helpline for (not only) fellow Ukrainians. If you are also affected by the situation and need help, you can also contact the faculty coordinators for assistance in study and other matters at czv@phil.muni.cz and studijni@phil.muni.cz. On the other hand, if you offer help, you can contribute to the university collection or register at the MUNI HELPS volunteer center.

On behalf of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, I express my deep outrage at Russia's current actions and full support for Ukraine.

Milan Pol, Dean

Statement of MU's Rector on war in Ukraine

The management of Masaryk University is shocked and appalled by the developments in Ukraine, where Russia has launched and is prosecuting premeditated military aggression against a neighbouring independent country.

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The faculty has set up a crisis line with psychological help

Russian and Czech-speaking final-year psychology students with completed training in crisis intervention will be available on the line. The service can also be used by all others affected by the war in Ukraine, regardless of nationality.

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Support Ukraine with a financial donation

In response to the situation in Ukraine, Masaryk University has announced financial aid for educational and humanitarian purposes. MU has long offered whatever help it can to students and academics in response to violence or persecution of those who express their opposition to undemocratic practices. You can support Ukrainian students and academics through a financial donation via MUNI Shopping Centre.

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The next regular issue of the faculty newsletter will be published at the beginning of March. Contributions can be sent to propagace@phil.muni.cz.

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