Orientation week will offer events not only for freshmen. Take advantage of free filtered water. Introducing the foundation.

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Faculty Newsletter

Welcome message to new students

Dear colleagues,

Tradition dictates that the opening words of the first newsletter of the autumn semester belong to the Chair of the Students’ Chamber of Academic Senate, whose duty is to welcome new colleagues to our alma mater. Very well then – welcome everyone! It is my honor to congratulate you (albeit certainly not as the first to do so) on being accepted to and entering Masaryk University. I wish you every success.

The reality of university studies and classwork organization is, to a certain degree, a “shock treatment” – even the most experienced of us may still shiver here and there upon remembering our beginnings. Remember that mistakes make us human, and struggle is inevitable when committing to new endeavors. However, it is essential not to resign and to learn from our mistakes. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are missing the point. Ask for help if you feel like you are falling behind. The essential denominator is, however, “in time.” Your close ones are there for you; your older and more experienced colleagues will be happy to guide you, as will the tutors who are personally invested in your academic success. Even your departments have numerous events prepared for you to help you “get in the saddle” – make sure to pop around and take part.

The coming semester and especially the coming winter will likely present us with difficult times and questions we may never have had to seek answers to before. It is possible that some aspects of studying and (not only) university life will be more challenging or that, in some ways, we will also have to scale back from what we are used to – global events inevitably write themselves into the university reality. But the last two years have taught us, among other things, that every problem has a solution and have shown us many new ways to find those solutions. So let us remain optimistic. I firmly believe that we will meet these new challenges – just as freshmen do their first semester – successfully.

Best wishes for the new semester!

Ondřej Varaďa
Chair of the SK AS FF MU

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The English version of the faculty newsletter is automatically delivered to those with a nationality other than Czech or Slovak in the system. However, it is possible to switch the language manually if you let us know. In every newsletter, you can also switch to Czech in the header.

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Orientation week offers events not only for freshmen

Instead of teaching, the first week of the semester will be dedicated to information sessions for freshmen, introducing them to the departments' life, the central library, Office for Studies, IS, IT services, etc.

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Find your feet with our web guide

Are you lost in all the information about your stay at Masaryk University? Visit the special information website for freshmen with lots of useful tips for studying and for life in Brno.

Find out more

Pump free filtered water into your own bottle

The new Filtermac filtration unit can be found in the basement of Building C in the Arna Nováka campus.

Find out more

Visit the Erasmus Festival, directly at our faculty

Lots of great music, food, drinks and international students - on Saturday 17th September at the Faculty of Arts.

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Introducing student clubs

How to handle freshman year? The Nadační fond advises

An important faculty-wide club, also known as the Owl Fellowship, has been active at the faculty for over 20 years.

Find out more (CZ)

The conclusion of innominate contracts is regulated by a new methodological sheet

They suite to pay one-off financial rewards to students or externs, even fully electronically.

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There have been several personnel changes in the Dean's Office

The dean of the faculty has a new secretary, and you may also meet new colleagues in other offices.

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Follow the minutes of the management meetings

Mon 5 Sep 2022

Faculty Management Meeting No. 4 

What awaits us in the coming months

Mon 23 May – Sun 11 Sep 2022

Applying for enrolment in the autumn semester 

If you have met the requirements for progression to the next semester, be sure to apply for enrolment in time.

Thu 2 Jun – Thu 15 Sep 2022

Colours of Faith: the beginnings of European glass painting 

The panel exhibition in the Reading Room is dedicated to the beginnings of European stained glass art. It will present the main themes and problems, and the most famous glassworks from the beginning to the late 12th century.

Mon 12 – Fri 16 Sep 2022

Start of classes and orientation week for freshmen 

Instead of classes, information sessions will be prepared for freshmen in the first week of the semester, introducing them to the departments, the central library, IS, IT services, etc.

Wed 14 Sep 2022

Summer in the Reading Room: Libor Zajíc and the topic History and present of beer diversity 

The last lecture in the Women, Beer, Singing series will reflect on the history of beer production in Europe and North America, primarily since the 19th century, with a brief look at earlier times.

Sat 17 Sep 2022

Open Day 

After a long time, the special open day will offer prospective students the opportunity to visit the faculty and meet current students of the disciplines they are considering.

Mon 19 Sep 2022

Meeting of the Academic Senate 

Tue 20 Sep 2022

Opening of the exhibition Petr Veselý: Hruška's Shoes 

The vernissage opens the exhibition of Brno artist Petr Veselý, which will run until the end of November in the Reading Room of the Faculty of Arts MU.

Sun 25 Sep 2022

End of changes in course enrolment 

Remember that you must complete the courses that remain enrolled after this date during the exam period. Otherwise, you are at risk of a repeated course, which can be very dangerous and if left untreated can lead to the death of your studies.

Fri 30 Sep 2022

Researchers' Night 

The Europe-wide scientific outreach event, which engages all people in an inspiring science environment, has this year's theme All the Senses. Traditionally, we will also join at MU Faculty of Arts. After a few years offline again!

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

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The next issue of the faculty newsletter will be published on 9 October. Submissions can be sent until 5 October to propagace@phil.muni.cz.

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