Cinematic Brno
Documentation of movie exhibition history and cinema-goers’ preferences in Brno, 1918-1945



The objective of this project is to carry out a historical research into the local film culture in Brno till 1945, with the emphasis put on the role of popular film culture in the everyday-life experience. This will be implemented in two parts.

A) Research of the available documents; on this basis, a database will be created, providing the information concerning the network of cinema theatres and films shown – this database will be compatible with similar databases carried out at the Universities of Amsterdam and Siegen. This gives our research work an international significance, as well as applicability within intercultural comparative research on the relationship between cinema and modernity.

B) Research of „oral history“, i.e. interviews with both those involved in film industry and regular cinemagoers. This will contribute towards the research of film reception.
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