Cinematic Brno
Documentation of movie exhibition history and cinema-goers’ preferences in Brno, 1918-1945


Program publishing date
We 17.05.1922
We 17.05.1922
Tu 16.05.1922
Screening days (from)
We 17.05.1922 (25%)
Tu 16.05.1922
Screening days (to)
Sa 20.05.1922 (25%)
Fr 19.05.1922 (25%)
Th 18.05.1922
Lidový Biograf; Lidové kino; Volks Kino
Programme (numbers)
Intriky Madame Pommercy, Madame Pommercys Intrigen
Episoda rozmarné ženy o 5 dílech. Episode in 5 Akten
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