Cinematic Brno
Documentation of movie exhibition history and cinema-goers’ preferences in Brno, 1918-1945


Program publishing date
Fr 16.08.1940
Fr 16.08.1940
Screening days (from)
Fr 16.08.1940
Screening days (to)
Th 22.08.1940
Number of screenings
Bio Metro
Programme (numbers)
Tajemný případ dra Kildara, Dr. Kilbare
L. Ayres, L. Barrymore. L. Ayres, L. Barrymore:
Programme Description (CZ)
O 4., půl 7., půl 9. hod. V neděli též v 10.15.
Programme Description (DE)
4, 1/4 7, 1/2 9.
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