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Documentation of movie exhibition history and cinema-goers’ preferences in Brno, 1918-1945


Title (CZ)
Stará láska
Den, 1, We 01.01.1919
Number Description (CZ)
Osud dívky dle novely Th. Strome.

Den, 1, We 01.01.1919
Osud dívky dle novely Th. Storma.

Lidové noviny, 1, We 01.01.1919  
Programme — Programme (numbers)
We 01.01.1919; We 01.01.1919 (uváděno Tu 31.12.1918–Th 02.01.1919), Ideal – John Riew, kapitán lodi / John Riew
Den, 1, We 01.01.1919
John Riew, kapitán lodi "Stará láska", 1917
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