About this Journal

About this Journal

Art East Central

Art East Central is an English-language, open access, peer reviewed international journal publishing articles on architecture, design and the visual arts in central Europe from 1800 to the present day.

ISSN 2695-1428 (online)

  Aims and Scope
  Submission and Review
  Publication Ethics
  Publication Fees

Aims and Scope

The journal publishes original research articles on art, architecture and design in central Europe, as well as associated topics, such as museology, art criticism and theory, and the art market. We particularly welcome contributions that adopt a transnational approach, examining practices, ideas and traditions that cross the political, linguistic, ethnic, and cultural boundaries of the region.  Interdisciplinary approaches, as well as reflection on the particular challenges this region raises for relevant academic practices, are also encouraged.  The journal includes book reviews, as well as occasional discussion forums.  From time to time the journal will also publish special issues on particular themes, and the editors welcome suggestions for special issue topics.

Submission and Review

The journal operates a double-blind peer review policy following prior initial editorial screening. Suitable reviewers are selected by the editorial board to assure that no conflict of interest occurs.

The referees take the following issues into consideration:

  • originality of the paper
  • the significance of the topic
  • contribution to the field
  • suitability of the methodology
  • adequate presentation of results
  • the soundness of the conclusions
  • academic style and language
  • observance of relevant ethical issues

The review process may take 3-5 months. Non-native writers in English are encouraged to have their texts proofread prior to final submission in order to ensure that the language meets the general standards of correctness. Please note that the journal does not provide linguistic advisory or proofreading services.

Publication Ethics

The journal follows and honours the general publication ethics in research, as declared by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at: http://publicationethics.org/

The journal only accepts original research papers that are currently not submitted for consideration elsewhere. Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication is not supported. All papers are screened for plagiarism by the editors.

Authors are asked to:

  • submit an original, non-derivative manuscript based on genuine, acknowledged, sources
  • refrain from submitting the same paper elsewhere for the duration of the review process

Editors will:

  • not disclose the identity of authors and referees
  • act in an unbiased manner
  • inform the authors of the results of the review process as soon as possible

Reviewers will:

  • avoid any potential reviewer bias and declare any conflict of interest
  • inform the editors of any suspicions of unethical conduct and violation of research standards
  • strive to provide constructive and helpful feedback

Publication Fees

The journal does not charge authors for submissions. The journal does not pay for the costs associated with securing permissions to publish images and other original material where the copyright is held by third parties.