Brno Studies in English

1 / 2020


 5-20Italian corporate codes of ethics : the influence of national regulatory framework Giglioni, Cinzia | pdficon
 21-48Attack metaphors of the welfare state and austerity across the British press, 2008–2015 Paprota, Małgorzata | pdficon
 49-89The influence of character's gender and the basic emotions of "happiness" and "sadness" on voice pitch in the reading of fiction Stolarski, Łukasz | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
 91-108Vimy, Gallipoli, trauma, and the poetics of grief : re-reading the myths of the First World War in Jane Urquhart's The Stone Carvers and Brenda Walker's The Wing of Night Branach-Kallas, Anna | pdficon
 109-132Humour as an art of descent and negative dialectics : a deleuzian analysis of the functions of humour in Trevor Griffiths' Comedians Fakhrkonandeh, Alireza | pdficon
 133-152Pre-cinematic vision and the modern episteme of sympathy in George Eliot's Middlemarch Gabriele, Alberto | pdficon
 153-174Children in the blood jet of poetry : Sylvia Plath's poetic tale of infanticide Gryciuk, Sylwia | pdficon
 175-194Beckett's Waiting for Godot : a historical play with two Jews as main characters Hirsch, Oliver | pdficon
 195-212Circular concept of time in Lee Maracle's Ravensong and Tomson Highway's Kiss of the Fur Queen Kapis, Michał | pdficon
 213-228Native Americans in Charles de Lint's The Wind in His Heart Łaszkiewicz, Weronika | pdficon
 229-241The singularity and H.G. Wells's conception of the world brain Shadurski, Maxim | pdficon
 243-260"Making my Meaning Understood" : analysing metaphors in Great Expectations Torralbo Caballero, Juan de Dios | pdficon
 261-277Reckless innocence, non-anger and forgiveness : moral knowledge in Penelope Fitzgerald's fiction Visser, Irene | pdficon
 279-288Revisiting William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell : a reading against Kathleen Raine's Blake and Antiquity Vunić, Krešimir | pdficon