Current issue

2 / 2020


  5-23 #Populism on Twitter : statistical analysis of the correlation between tweet popularity and "populist" discursive features Carrella, Fabio | pdficon
  25-46 A multimodal analysis of Daddy's Roommate : deconstructing compositional and interpersonal meanings Martínez Lirola, María | pdficon
  47-66 First language attrition in voice onset times in Anglophone expatriates residing in the Czech Republic Sučková, Magda | pdficon
  67-85 Strategies of positive evaluation in computer-mediated communication Válková, Silvie; Kořínková, Jana | pdficon
Literary and cultural studies
  87-102 Geology and story in Alice Munro's "Axis" Blake, Jason | pdficon
  103-118 Non-normative Victorians : Ian McGuire's The North Water as a neo-Victorian novel Chalupský, Petr | pdficon
  119-135 Tribute to Newfoundland, tribute to fatherland : Michael Crummey's Sweetland in a geocritical perspective Feldman-Kołodziejuk, Ewelina | pdficon
  137-157 Auster's Leviathan : when the "voice of conscience" calls out Haj'jari, Mohammad-Javad; Maleki, Nasser | pdficon
  159-179 "On the battlefield of life" : J.M. Coetzee's Life & Times of Michael K in the light of the mind-body problem Jęczmińska, Kinga | pdficon
  181-194 Rooted cosmopolitan identity and internalized homophobia in Farzana Doctor's Stealing Nasreen Jeyasingam, Shobana; Mani, Manimangai; Talif, Rosli; Awang, Mohammad Ewan | pdficon
  195-209 Depicting a political rival : evolution of Richard Steele's essay periodical writing Kozak, Katarzyna | pdficon
  211-229 Parasites, plagiarists and "fictual" stories in Charles Palliser's "A Nice Touch" and "The Catch" Martínez-Alfaro, María Jesús | pdficon
  231-247 Writing the Armenian genocide in Eve Makis's The Spice Box Letters : trauma, diaspora, community Nyman, Jopi | pdficon
  249-260 Poetry as endurance : Caitríona O'Reilly' Geis Pietrzak, Wit | pdficon
  261-279 "We need to rediscover the living body" : Gabriel Josipovici's metamodern project in Goldberg: Variations Sawa, Magdalena | pdficon
  281-296 Exploring death and grief : Zen in Zadie Smith's The Autograph Man Pérez Zapata, Beatriz | pdficon
  297-301 [Ponton, Douglas Mark. Understanding political persuasion: linguistic and rhetorical analysis] Chovanec, Jan | pdficon
  302-305 [Anténe, Petr. Howard Jacobson's novels in the context of contemporary British Jewish literature] Weiss, Michaela | pdficon