New issue: ERB 2016/2

New issue of Études romanes de Brno2016/2 brings a thematic section dealing with migration, immigrants' diasporas and relations between immigrants and the majority society as depicted in contemporary Italian literature. The section is called "Dinamiche urbane: migrazioni, dislocazioni, creolizzazioni". All papers in the Dossier thématique are written in Italisn and they come from foreign authors, although some of them teach at Czech universities.

In other peer-reviewed section (Études) there come papers from French, Spanish and Italian linguistics. Also in this section most of the contributors are from abroad.

In the reviews section (Comptes rendus) there are various short contributions dedicated to latest books from French literary history as well as Spanish, Catalan and Italian linguistics.

The issue is available online in the Digital Library of the Faculty of Arts, MU.