New issue: ERB 43/2/2022

The new issue of the journal Études romanes de Brno brings the second part of the thematic section “Centres et périphéries dans les littératures romanes”, which is devoted to themes related to the perception of centres and peripheries in the literatures of the Romance regions. It includes works related to Lusophone and Hispanophone literatures. The Dossier is a collaboration between national and international contributors. Some of them are prominent figures in the field, but there are emerging scholars as well. Articles included in the Études section deal with Spanish, Italian and Portuguese linguistics, literature and didactics, and here too foreign authors predominate. Finally, reviews of recent publications in Spanish linguistics, French, Portuguese, and Italian literary history are included. All contributions are written in Romance languages, namely Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian. As already mentioned, they come mainly from foreign contributors.