Peer review

Études romanes de Brno is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible measures against any publication malpractices. In submitting their papers to the journal for possible publication all authors are thereby confirming that the papers represent their own original contributions and have not been copied or plagiarised in whole or in part from others.

Each paper submitted to the editorial office is subsequently sent to two reviewers. The peer review procedure is double-blind. Evaluated are: authenticity and quality of the paper, up-to-dateness in its respective field of activity, the argumentative structure of the paper, its linguistic aspect, bibliography and accuracy of the abstract and key words. The author is asked to revise his or her manuscript in response to the suggestions of the peer reviewers. In cases of contradictory or ambiguous reviews, the paper is sent to a third peer reviewer. If two reviewers do not recommend to accept the paper, it is rejected from further evaluation. See review forms (in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese) here.