Nové číslo: GLB 2018/1

GLB, volume 23, issue 1 (2018), contains 14 scholarly papers, three of them are reviewed papers presented at the Second International Workshop on Computational Latin dialectology in Budapest 2017, and 7 reviews. Six papers deal with linguistic topics: M. Labiano (University of Valencia) examines the short and long forms of comparatives in Aristophanes; V. Martzloff and B. Machajdíková (Paris Sorbonne and Comenius University Bratislava) are dealing with metrical similarities between Paleo-Venetic and Paleo-Sabellian poetic inscriptions; S. Zsolt (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) discusses critically the problematic of Celtic influence on Pannonian Latin. Three of these linguistic issues are dedicated to topics connected with  Vulgar –Latin Inscriptions: S. Tantimonaco (University of Barcelona) analyses the replacement of other cases with nominative and accusative – within the Epigraphic corpus of Lusitania; N. Zelenai (ELTE Budapest) handles the variants of the se vivo expression in Latin Inscriptions and F. Cotugno (University of Nottingham) provides a multidisciplinary analysis of non-literary Latin texts from Roman Britain. Several papers examine various topics from ancient history, philosophy, society and religion: A. Loginov and A. Linko (Moscow State University of Law and Lomonosov University) examines the problematic of trial, punishment and divine retribution in Mycenaean times; A. Salayová (Masaryk University) discusses the aspects of temporality in Greek magical papyri. T. Antošovská (Masaryk University) concerns the mortality of children in ancient society. C. Calabrese (Panamerican Uinversity) considers the application of allegory and its reception by St. Augustine. Two contributions concern medieval topics: J. Nechutová (Masaryk University) presents a critical edition and analyses the manuscript tradition of Moralitates  written by emperor Charles IV. S. Hudíková and J. Malá (Masaryk University) provide a study and the Czech translation of De matrimonio a treatise written by J. Hus. Finally M. Melounová (Masaryk University) examine the linguistic competencies, regarding ancient Greek language of the Czech nobleman Ch. Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice.

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