Linguistica Brunensia

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Linguistica Brunensia
2022, Vol. 70, Issue 2

ISSN (print): 1803-7410
ISSN (online): 2336-4440


Aim & Scope

Linguistica Brunensia is peer-reviewed linguistic journal published by the Masaryk University. It is issued twice a year and publishes articles in Czech, English, Russian and German languages. Due to the tradition of the journal, we prefer studies based on (i) research on specific languages, especially Slavic languages (with emphasis on Czech), and (ii) studies examining specific languages in a broader typological and the historical-comparative perspective.


Journal history

Linguistica Brunensia has been published since 2009 as a continuation of Series linguistica (A) of Studia minora facultatis philosophicae universitatis brunensis (SPFFBU), which was published by the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University between 1952-2008 (between years 2000-2008 also with parallel shorter title Linguistica Brunensia).



New issue LB 68/2 released

We are pleased to inform that new issue of Linguistica Brunensia 2020, 68/2 has been released.  
Posted: 2021-04-06
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