Peer-Review Process

Only papers that are to be published in section “Articles” and "Materials" are peer reviewed. Each paper submitted to the editorial office is subsequently sent to two reviewers. The peer review procedure is double-blind and consists of two parts: a personalised assessment intended for the editorial office and anonymous comments addressed to the author of the paper. Reviewers are independent of the authors, i.e. they are not affiliated with the same institution. Reviewers assess authenticity, quality and novelty of presented data and argumentative structure of the paper. Also formal criteria such clarity of expressing, accuracy of abstract and keywords, relevance of bibliography and overall arrangement are assessed. After manuscripts are reviewed, the author is asked to revise his/her manuscript in response to the suggestions of the peer reviewers. If the reviewers do not recommend accepting the paper, it is rejected from further evaluation. Communication with editors / reviewers (incl. filling in the peer-review assessment forms) is held via online editorial system.

The review process takes three months on average. Once a paper is accepted for publication, it is assigned to an appropriate issue depending on its topic.

Samples of peer-review assessment forms are available here: for editorial board & author