: Opera Slavica 2018 / 1, 2

The first literary number of 2018 contains four articles: A. O. Abaganova and J. Dohnal describes the reflection of the categories of space and time as a basis for the formation of author’s world in the works of V. Pelevin, V. Sh. Krivonos researches the city in the novel “The Petty Devil” by F. Sologub, V. Žemberová analyses the function of experience in prosaic text, and S. A. Shults writes about F. Kafka and L. N. Tolstoy. In the issue you can also find one minor text and several news and reviews.


In the first linguistic issue of this year you can read about expression of inexpressible that is described by M. J. Mikhailova, T. Kananowicz deals with the text and its categories and A. Artemov analyses the functioning and application of the term “semantic diffusiveness” in Russian and Czech linguistic studies. The issue also contains three minor texts and several news and reviews.