Peer review

The articles printed under Studies are subjected to a peer review procedure, which is carried out at the request of the executive editorial board by a group of lecturers comprising Czech and foreign Russianists. The reviewers of each specific article are determined by the editorial board in such a manner that the review is independent and free of conflicts of interest. The reviewers cannot be from the same institution as the author of the article. One of the reviewers may also be a member of the editorial board or an editor.

The editor reserves the right to refuse to submit an article for the review procedure in a case where it clearly does not correspond to the focus of the journal, violates its publishing ethics, has a very low level of spelling or content, or if it violates the policies of the professional scientific periodical in any other way.

The review process takes place completely anonymously on both sides (i.e. the reviewer does not know the name of the author and the author of the article does not know the name of the reviewer – the so-called double blind peer review). As a rule, each article is reviewed by two independent reviewers. If a review produces conflicting results, the editorial board may request additional independent expert opinions.

The reviewers assess the article as follows:

1) I recommend for publishing without changes,

2) I do not recommend for publishing until the suggested changes and modifications have been made,

3) I do not recommend for publishing.

Authors are provided with anonymous expert opinions within the shortest possible time, on the basis of which they make the requested modifications. The deadline for implementing changes is at least 30 days.

The final decision on whether an article is to be published or not is always made by the executive editors based on the opinions of the reviewers.

Manuscripts are not returned and no royalties are paid.