Between Münster and München: Two Biographical Notes on Hans Blumenberg

Aleš Urválek


The paper presents and discusses two previously unanalyzed biographical stories from Blumenberg’s life that took place between Münster and Munich. The first one discusses the unsuccessful efforts of E. Grassi in the early 1970s to appoint Blumenberg to a professorship at the University of Munich. The second analyzes the cooperation between H. Blumenberg and M. Krüger, who published the magazine Akzente, where Blumenberg published 17 texts. The study draws on archival materials contained in the estate of H. Blumenberg and E. Grassi in Marbach and also takes into account correspondence between Blumenberg and M. Krüger.


Blumenberg; Grassi; professorship; Munich; magazine Akzente; Krüger; short essay

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