Bibliotherapy & Creative Writing for Talented Disadvantaged Youth

Judit Béres


The paper presents a bibliotherapy programme offered for students from the special developmental class titled „János Arany Programme for Talented Disadvantaged Youth” of the Leőwey Secondary School in Pécs, Hungary. The bibliotherapeutic intervention is a group work based on therapeutic reading, discussion and creative writing, focusing on the development of participants’ EQ, self-knowledge, problem solving and coping skills, creativity, aiming to improve positive self-image, adaptability, and the reduction of distress.


Judit Béres

University of Pécs
Faculty of Adult Education & HRD
Institute of Library & Information Science
H-7633 Pécs
Szántó K.J. str. 1/B

Revised version of paper that was presented on BOBCATSSS conference 2015.


Klíčová slova

disadvantaged youth; self-development; bibliotherapy; creative writing

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