Current calls for papers

Teaching and Learning In Higher Education
Editors: Kari Smith & Karla Brücknerová        
Deadline for abstracts June 30, 2021
Deadline for full texts October 31, 2021


Professional Decision-Making in Education
Editors: Kristin Vanlommel & Milan Pol         
Deadline for abstracts December 31, 2020
Deadline for full texts April 30, 2021


Past calls for papers

Interactions and Meanings in Social Networks
Editors: Jennifer M. Langer-Osuna & Zuzana Šalamounová          
In preparation.  

Completed calls for papers

Non-Traditional Students in Tertiary Education
Editors:Petr Novotný, Milada Rabušicová, Maria Slowey 25(4), 2020
The Changing Status of the Teaching Profession
Editors: Adam Lefstein, Stanislav Štech, and Klára Šeďová 25(2), 2020
Better Learning through Argumentation
Editors: Roman Švaříček, Alina Reznitskaya 24(4), 2019
Transitions in Educational Contexts
Editors: Markus P. Neuenschwander, Petr Hlaďo 24(2), 2019
Digital Youth and Their Ways of Learning
Editors: Ola Erstad, Jiří Zounek 23(4), 2018
Learning and Work
Editors: Karen Evans, Petr Novotný 23(2), 2018
Teacher Education and Educational Research
Editors: Klára Šeďová, Sami Lehesvuori 22(4), 2017
Trust and Control in Education
Editors: Jan Vanhoof, Milan Pol 22(2), 2017
Editors: Francesca Gobbo, Roman Švaříček 21(4), 2016
Intergenerational Learning
Editors: Milada Rabušicová, Petr Novotný 21(2), 2016


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