TIM Master class: AGF – performativní přednáška

  • 8. listopadu 2019
    19:00 – 20:30
  • PRAHA / Fórum pro architekturu a média, Husova 535/18, Brno

„Performative lecture“ – mix of talk & concert – on sound practice, audio production, accelerationist feminism, language, speculative realities of being an artist under ad-driven surveillance imperialism w open Q&A.

German artist AGF aka Antye Greie-Ripatti a sonic ninja and electronic music producer. Her work inhabits an augmented space where pounding Berlin experimental techno, spoken word, abstract video art, feminism and radical ecology create a self-sustaining environment. Originally from East Germany, she started to develop a DIY approach early on, while also using her voice to fight against oppression by supporting marginalized communities and calling out injustice, most recently through female:pressure, a support community and promotional platform for female-identified electronic musicians. Currently based in Northern Finland, Antye founded the local arts organization Hai Art in Hailuoto. Since its inception in 2011, Hai Art has been involved in numerous sound-related projects, focusing on working with children. Antye acts as its director, curator and workshop instructor. Active since the early 90's, she has collaborated with strong names in electronic music such as French pioneer Eliane Radigue, German legends Gudrun Gut and Ellen Allien, British avantgardist Kaffe Matthews, Finnish IDM treasure Vladislav Delay and classical composer Craig Armstrong.

  • antyegreie.com
  • http://poemproducer.com/haus.php
  • https://agf-poemproducer.bandcamp.com
  • twitter: @poemproducer

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