Support for double degrees (2021-2022)

The French Embassy in the Czech Republic is happy to launch its second call for projects to support double degree or multiple degree programmes involving Czech and French institutions!

2. 6. 2021

With the objective to boost the visibility of these programmes and facilitate the recruitment of students, the call offers support for: 

  • the development and strengthening of a promotion strategy 
  • facilitated access to French lessons for students planning a mobility to France, in partnership with the French Institute and the network of French Alliances

This programme is managed by the scientific and higher education service of the French Embassy in the Czech Republic.

More information

Details of the call as well as a link to the online form for application can be found on

Please bear in mind that you can only submit the form once.


The deadline for this call is July 1st, 2021, at 6 pm. Grants will be processed as of September 2021.


For any question, please contact Athénaïs Surreau at


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