Admissions interviews

Are interviews part of the applicants’ entrance examination? And do you need to conduct them online? We can advise you on how to use Microsoft Teams for this purpose.

How to conduct interviews in MS Teams


Create a new meeting in MS Teams that isn’t tied to any team or channel. Go to the Calendar section of the app and click on the + New Meeting option.


Add the committee members as mandatory meeting attendees, and save the meeting.


Once saved, you’ll see the Meeting Options button in the meeting details. Here you can set up the anteroom so that only the meeting organizer can bypass it (see the second image below). Before the event is scheduled to start, the organizer will let the committee members into the meeting and then gradually let in the individual candidates.


Send out an email to applicants with a link to join and a timetable (you can get the link by opening the meeting and copying the link, see image below).


The candidate does not join the video conference automatically, but waits in the so-called anteroom until they are admitted to the video conference by a member of the Board who is already present. Further details can also be found in the MS Teams documentation.


You can also send candidates short video instructions explaining how to join a video conference.

TIP: Verifying the technical readiness of candidates

If you want to verify the technical readiness of the candidates, we recommend creating one or more separate events to check that their equipment functions properly. A test video conference can take place, for example, the day before the actual interviews.

  Written entrance tests

For the written admissions procedure, you can use, among other things, the electronic tests in ELF or the ROPOT sheets in IS. In this case, the recommendations for test security are similar to those for regular electronic tests, while the general recommendations for creating test questions apply to entrance tests.

As applicants don’t usually have any university identity yet, it’s necessary to create an account for them in the system beforehand. You should therefore contact system support well in advance to discuss the next steps. The contact address for ELF tests is, and for IS ROPOT sheets it’s

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