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How can I record a PowerPoint presentation with a webcam image and voice commentary?

There are several possibilities. The advantages of TS Relay is its ease of use and the fact that the recording is automatically sent to Medial, the faculty’s media library, Medial so that when the recording is finished, you only need to send a link to the recorded lecture in Medial to students. Which means there is no need for the video to be laboriously stored anywhere.

However, you can also use the MS Teams application for the same purpose. You need to create your own video conference, share a window with a presentation and start recording - the result is a recording of the presentation with a commentary and a small image from the webcam. You can also record in Zoom in the same way.

  How is the ELF discussion forum better than the MS Teams forum?

The MS Teams forum is technically more of a chat – it’s faster, has greater clarity, and is more convenient for simple conversations, but may be less suitable for longer, more extensive or more structured discussions. At the same time, MS Teams does not offer the advanced features that ELF forums have (different types of discussions, automatic opening and closing of the forum, post rating, setting the conditions for completing activities, etc.). So it depends on what type of discussion you want to have with your students and what purpose you want the forum to serve.

  What’s the best system for online consultations? Is it possible for students to queue?

For individual consultations you can use MS Teams, where you can also find the option for setting up a “lobby” (i.e. users wait their turn).

An alternative is the Zoom tool, where users also queue up (in this case you need to enable waiting rooms for a meeting).

  Can I see all participants in a video call at once?

In MS Teams, a maximum of 49 participants can be visible on the screen at any one time. So for most courses, this programme should display all participants. The maximum number of participants in a conference is 300.

Zoom umí najednou zobrazovat také maximálně 49 účastníků a jedné konference se může účastnit maximálně 100 uživatelů. Zoom je v základní bezplatné variantě omezen také časově, vaše videohovory mohou trvat pouze 40 minut. Lze však využít univerzitní licenci, která vám umožní vést časově neomezené videokonference.

Zoom can also display a maximum of 49 participants at a time, and a maximum of 100 users can participate in a single conference. Zoom is also limited in time in the basic free version: your video calls can only last 40 minutes. However, the university license can be used, which allows you to conduct unlimited time video conferences.

  How much does turning on the cameras in MS Teams affect call quality?

Vždy záleží na kvalitě internetového připojení konkrétních účastníků. Stream videa je datově velmi náročný, což se může negativně projevit na straně odesilatelů i příjemců. MS Teams umí kontrolovat tok videa a v případě nedostatečného internetového připojení dokáže automaticky snížit jeho kvalitu.

It always depends on the quality of the internet connection of the specific participants. Streaming video is very data-intensive, which can have a negative impact on both senders and receivers. MS Teams is able to control the video stream and can automatically reduce its quality in case of poor internet connection.

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