Motor competences in the Czech PE curriculum

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VLČEK Petr VRBAS Jaroslav

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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

Popis The presentation deals with perspectives on the concept of motor competences in the Czech PE curriculum. The issue is set in the current situation of PE curricular development in the Czech Republic, as the emphasis on the development of competencies as a learning output is there significantly promoted. Different concepts and approaches, however, are applied in the designed form of the curriculum and, above all, they are not being implemented and evaluated in the current teaching practice. The BMC-EU project, in which the Czech Republic is actively involved, creates an important opportunity to launch a debate with the Czech expert public on PE competencies. Measurement of selected basic motor competences in the Czech Republic using the MOBAK 1-2 and MOBAK 3-4 test instrument is presented. Feedback on the course of the measurement is the starting point for further discussion on the concept of motor competences in the Czech Republic. In conclusion, several problematic areas are presented, related to the motor competence in the PE curriculum and its acceptance by representatives of the teaching profession.
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