Season 1 at the intermontane prehistoric location of Hayl Al-Aja, Wilayat Hamra, Northern Oman



Rok publikování 2019
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis Preliminary results of the 2018 test season of SIPO Project (Masaryk University, Czech Rep.) in the polje above the settlement Sint will be presented. Luckily for the archaeologist, the low cascades of a karstic rock plateau bordering the soil filled depression have retained besides lithic stray finds, remnants of the original sediment cover (SIPO SITE 1). In one of the shallow “pockets” a cache-like feature, containing 12 unidirectional blade cores, has been found (Trench 1). Inside the polje fill proper, at a depth of 0.9 m below the level soil surface, an anthropogenic ashy feature has appeared in Test Trench 61-64 m. The 2018 observations confirm the researchers’ hypothesis that the sedimentation process in the Hayl Al-Aja has been largely accumulative. If true, this makes the site a substantial prehistoric station-cum-geoarchive inside the Jebel Al Hajar Mt. Range, next to the Jebel Kawr. A test coring sample that could be retrieved during the exploratory stay also (d: 4,0 m) will offer a first insight into the hydroarchaeological situation, the soil formation processes and the palaeo-environmental conditions of the sheltered site at the highest point of a mountain corridor running from Bat to Bahla.
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