Comenius’s Metaphysical Imagination : Analogy and Metaphor as Means of Trinitarian Metaphysics



Rok publikování 2021
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Popis From the very beginning, the main task of every Christian theology has to be naming of God. Therefore, Christian theologians and philosophers have to develop or rather imagine some kind of theological, Trinitarian metaphysics, which would help them to discern the proper way Triune God should be named and praised. In my paper, I will discuss the Comenius’s stance on one of the most important and controversial issues of this endeavour: is the appropriate naming of God based only and exclusively on the participatory analogy of being, or rather every such theoretical analogy more originally draws upon some set of space-time or psychological creatural metaphors, which nourish man’s metaphysical imagination on the way from the labyrinth of this world to the paradise of the heart? And: If the latter is true for Comenius, couldn’t his broad and rich metaphysical imagination provide an important inspiration for current Trinitarian-metaphysical thinking by the very means of its metaphors?
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