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Master in Higher Education Management: Developing Leaders for Managing Educational Transformation

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MAHATMA (Master in Higher Education Management: Developing Leaders for Managing Educational Transformation) is a three-year multi-country joint project, under the EACEA N° 25/2011, 5th call and Curricular Reform action. MAHATMA’s wider objective is to promote transformation of higher education management in Armenia and Georgia through introduction of a new Master’s programme/professional development courses in higher education management.
The specific objectives evolve around

  • development of a Master’s programme/PDC in HE Management;
  • introduction of a learning outcome approach to teaching, learning and student assessment methods;
  • enhancement of the institutional capacity to implement the new Master’s programme/PDCs (teaching and learning and management of the programme; as well as
  • promotion of a change dialogue between the education stakeholders thorough establishment of a Professional Association of Educationalists leading to system transformation.

The principal outputs and outcomes of the project are enhancement of higher education management through training educational leaders able to handle the change complexities. The development and launch of the Master’s programme and respective professional development courses will encompass the integration of innovative teaching, learning and higher education management methods. Alignment with and implementation of the Bologna process will inform curriculum development and Quality Assurance standards and benchmarks will ensure the quality of both the process and the products. The Professional Association of Educationalists will promote the enhancement of the higher education systems of Armenia and Georgia through an active change dialogue, experience exchange and research in the field of higher education.

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