Department Library

Department library includes art historical literature which has been obtained for the Department of Art History since 1926. It is mainly meant for professional staff and students of the Department of Art History. The books in the library are lent out to the public only for reference while students may borrow the study materials for a limited period only. Loan period is serviced by "auxiliary academic personnel" recruited from students, whereas the loan service is announced at the department notice board at the beginning of each year.
The entire library is divided into individual sections:

Bibliotheca I: comprises approximately 11 700 books. The base of it was the art historical library of the writer František Táborský and books acquired from the founder activity of Prof. Eugena Dostála. Prevailing is classic (German) art historical literature. Czech-written literature is continuously added to the library. Apart from books, it also includes 60 magazines and at present, 11 other periodicals are subscribed. The Department of Art History maintains an exchange with art historical institutes in Vienna, Munich and Yale University in New Haven.

Bibliotheca II: due to generous aid and donation from the resources of "The Getty Grant Program" (part of John-Paul Getty Trust) and private sponsors, it was possible to build up a new reference library open to public which contains the basic art historical literature. After building adjustments in the interior, a small, modern study room was created as a centre of art historical research of the Department of Art History in Brno.

Diatheca: collection of slides, photographs and architectonic plans. Among others, master theses and dissertations from the field of art history defended at the Brno university are part of the library together with slides for teaching, collection of photography founded by Albert Kutal and collection of plans – ground plans of buildings mainly from the Romanesque and Transitional period in Moravia founded by Václav Richter.

The operation of the library is maintained by students – auxiliary academic personnel of the Department of Art History. The opening hours of the two libraries are always set at the beginning of a new semester. The students functioning as the library personnel are selected from the second cycle students. The only condition for their acceptance is to meet the duties of the first cycle including comprehensive exam and show interest in independent work at the Department of Art History.

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