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La logique et l'intuition dans la science mathématique et dans l'enseignement.   
Henri Poincaré, L'enseignement mathématique   


This web supports teaching of logic at Masaryk University Brno (MU), esp. Faculty of Arts (FF).

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World Logic Day
MU joined the celebration of the 1st World Logic Day (2019, January 14)

Courses Logic I, II at the Department of Philosophy FF MU (KF FF MU)
Characteristics: The aim of the course is to introduce students of humanities the basic notions of logic (logical consequence, proof, ...) and basic formal systems (propositional logic, first-order and higher-order predicate logic).

  • See information on courses Logic I (PH1102, PHK1102) in the section Propositional Logic.
  • See information on courses Logic II (PH1202, PHK1202) in the section Predicate Logic.

Related courses at MU - mathematical logic
The courses Logic I, II overlap in content with introductions to logic for students of mathematics, computer science, ...

  • See information on mathematical and even computational logic (not only) at MU in section Mathematical Logic.

Related courses at the Department of Philosophy FF MU - philosophical / non-classical logic
Passing Logic I, II is a natural condition for entering the course on systems and problems of philosophical and non-classical logic. Both philosophical and non-classical logics (the terms overlap in content) are to a significant extent mathematized subject, so they can also be included in some courses offered by Faculty of Science or Faculty of Computer Science at MU.

  • See information on philosophical (and also non-classical) logic (not only) at MU in section Philosophical logic.


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