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Programmes administered at the MU Centre for International Cooperation

Erasmus+ traineeship

Erasmus+ supports work placements abroad (work placements, internships, etc.) for higher education students from programme countries. It applies to Bachelor's and Master's students. Recent graduates can also take advantage of these opportunities to go on a graduate traineeship.

The Erasmus+ Europe programme allows work placements in EU Member States, as well as in countries of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Turkey, Serbia and Macedonia.

  • Duration of stay: 2 to 12 months
  • Scholarship: €750/month to countries with a higher cost of living, €630/month to countries with a lower cost of living
  • Applications: application deadlines are 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October.

More information on the CIC website


The freemovers programme is intended for students who arrange their own work placement at a foreign university outside any MU exchange programme or existing university/faculty cooperation. You can also go on a freemover internship through the non-profit organisation AIESEC, which arranges internships all over the world.

  • Available countries: universities from all over the world, provided that the home faculty/department and the foreign institution agree to the placement.
  • Length of stay: one month to one semester
  • Scholarship: up to 16,000 CZK/month (physical stay)
  • Applications: by 15 December for the following calendar year (possible additional round of applications by 1 June)

More information on the CIC website

Special Grant for Short-term Placements

Students who wish to go abroad for a short-term work placement outside of any exchange programme can take advantage of financial support from the CIC Special Grant for Short-term Placements. The home faculty must agree to the trip, i.e. sign a Training Agreement.

  • Available countries: all
  • Maximum length of stay: 30 days
  • Scholarship: depending on the length of stay 5,000-15,000 CZK (physical stay), travel support lump sum 8,000 CZK to countries outside Europe
  • Applications: 30 September for the following calendar year, applications are evaluated regularly after the 15th of the month until the funds are exhausted

This programme is currently suspended.

More information on the CIC website

Stella Junior

Stella Junior is a programme of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) through which MU students can apply for a work placement published in the database of foreign work placement offers available on the CGU website in the Stella Junior database section.

The Stella Junior programme also awards two one-off scholarships of EUR 400 each year (in March and July) for these foreign internships.

  • Duration of stay: min. 15 days
  • Scholarship: 400 EUR
  • Applications: please contact the contact person at CIC - Martin Vasek,, tel. +420 549 49 7785

More information on the CIC website


The Organisation for Student and Cultural Exchange in Central and Eastern Europe (GFPS-CZ) provides paid internships in Germany.

  • Duration of stay: 5 months
  • Scholarship: the amount of the monthly stipend for interns depends on the type of internship.
  • Applications: please contact the contact person at CIC: Martin Vasek,, tel. +420 549 49 7785

More information on the CIC website

Zažijte Kanadu

The Canadian government's Experience Canada (International Experience Canada) programme offers Czech and Slovak students and graduates the opportunity to work in Canada for up to a year and gain not only professional work experience but also the opportunity to improve their English and learn about Canadian culture and society.

For more information, visit the Embassy of Canada in the Czech Republic website.

  • Duration of stay: max. 12 months
  • Scholarship: according to the job offer
  • Applications: apply to the Embassy of Canada in Prague (Embassy of Canada, Youth Mobility Programmes, Muchova 6, 160 00 Prague 6), where you need to send the necessary documents; contact information is, phone +420 272 101 800

More information on the CIC website

What awaits you?

  • Plan your departure

    See when the selection procedures for each programme take place.

  • Choose the right scholarship programme for your mobility

    Work placements are usually administered at the MU Centre for International Cooperation. For current opportunities, please check your department's website. In addition, mobility updates and the permanent trip offer on our website may be helpful.

  • Go through the selection procedure

    You can always find the conditions of the selection procedure for the programme concerned. The selection procedures include, among others, a confirmed Training Agreement, a motivation letter, and a copy of proof of language proficiency. For the Special Short-Term Mobility Grant, a letter of acceptance from the host institution is also required.

  • Enter your mobility into IS

    For all working placements, the following applies: enter your placement in IS and, once it has been approved by all parties, upload a pdf of your completed Training Agreement to the placement folder. You do NOT register for the courses for which the internship will be recognized. They will be credited to you upon your request after you return from your internship.

  • Fill in the Training Agreement

    You will fill in the Training Agreement in a word template, sign it and have it confirmed by your departmental coordinator/responsible person and the host institution. The final scan is uploaded to the placement folder in the IS MU.

  • Apply for a scholarship

    Once you have your placement entered into IS and a confirmed Training Agreement uploaded, you can apply for a scholarship with the CIC coordinator. Erasmus is specific in its conditions, so check the financial conditions of the programme.

  • Enjoy your stay

    At the end of your placement, be sure to get a Confirmation of Placement Period from the foreign institution. Upload the document to your placement file in IS.

  • When you return, close the process and have the courses recognized

    Upon your return, make sure that your placement file contains all the required documents according to the rules of the individual programmes: the Training Agreement and the Confirmation of Placement Period (sample confirmation can be found on the CIC website) and apply for recognition of your placement. For selected programmes, the final report is also completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traineeship/work placement?

A traineeship (work placement) is a form of mobility where the student has an international mobility contract and should work a standard 35-40 hours per week (a normal full-time job in the host country).

More frequently asked questions

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