Tradition of 20 years. Regular international forum for researchers from various fields. Interdisciplinary dialogue as a means of development. High quality of both scientific and social programme. That is Cognition and Artificial Life. In 2020, the conference will be held in the beautiful town of Znojmo, which is a cultural and historic jewel among Moravian vineyards in the South of Czechia.

Information about the programme will be published soon. Registration will be launched at the end of 2019.

Contributions from all relevant fields (i.e. cognitive psychology, AI, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, cognitive anthropology, information science, cartography etc.) are more than welcome.

Masaryk University in cooperation with the International Cartographic Association (ICA) commissions:

  • Commission on User Experience (R. Roth);
  • Commission on Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization (A. Griffin);
  • Commission on Location-Based Services (H. Huang);

are announcing the first call for papers for a joint workshop on “Indoor Cartography” as a part of  the Cognition and Artificial Life Conference 2020

Workshop - Indoor Cartography

The workshop considers an understudied map use context, that of using maps to navigate and understand indoor environments. As urban areas and individual buildings grow increasingly complex and people rely more and more on devices to assist in the navigation of these spaces, knowing how to design maps of the indoors well is becoming more important. It’s unclear what current map design principles transfer well to indoor maps (Griffin, White, et al. 2017), or what methods of map interactions might best support uses of maps in such contexts as well as what field methods can be used to study these map uses in ecologically valid ways (Roth et al., 2017). This workshop aims to focus attention on such issues and how we can better understand and support the design, use and wider implications of indoor maps.   

The conference and the workshop is a cross-disciplinary platform intended to share and exchange knowledge between specialists in cartography, geoinformatics, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, informatics, and related fields. 

Facebook event to follow will be created soon.

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