Listen to the new podcast miniseries. A new research centre focusing on Portuguese studies is being established. How to make sense of reading week?

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Reading Week is an opportunity for further education

Dear colleagues,

Traditionally (for the forty-fifth time this year), the beginning of April came shortly after we replaced standard time with daylight saving time. The media, also traditionally, have been discussing whether the time change affects people's mental well-being and health, and the authors have agreed that it does. Fortunately, the beginning of April also coincided with the end of Easter, which guarantees health – at least for the female population.

Peter Senge points out in his book that the English words for health and whole have a common root (in Old English, hal). The author figuratively attributes unhealthiness to the fact that we cannot perceive the world as a whole but only in a fragmented way. I believe that the upcoming reading week may be an opportunity for us to approach this notion of health (in the sense of seeing and being aware of the whole). Instead of a week segmented into two-hour blocks, with topic after topic in rapid succession in our minds, we can immerse ourselves in a single topic, attend to it beyond the schedule window, and find a sufficient time niche for so-called systems thinking. Senge describes this as the step by which health is also strengthened.

If, in the meantime, you would like to relax with an informal educational activity, seminar or workshop, you can do that too. The same week as Reading Week is also Teacher Week, which is not only for students in teacher training programmes but also for all educators, teachers and lecturers. Here, too, we will be looking at (among many other things) topics close to health - for example, preventing burnout and maintaining teachers' personal well-being and mental health issues.

I sincerely wish you to find the best possible prescription not only for April.

Zuzana Šalamounová
Vice-Dean for Teacher Training Programmes and Life-long Education

Podcast Artefakt

Archival materials from one pocket and another: the Iconic Rajhrad Manuscript

The first episode of a new faculty podcast miniseries, with Dalibor Havel from the Department of Historical Auxiliary Sciences and Archive Studies of the Faculty of Arts MU as a guest. He talked about the iconic Rajhrad manuscript.

Find out more (CZ)

Faculty of Arts MU has a new library Monumenta Germaniae Historica

Hundreds of valuable books and editions of sources irreplaceable for medieval research exist. The Faculty of Arts MU has the first specialised library, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, in the Czech Republic.

Find out more (CZ)

A new research centre is being established at the Faculty of Arts MU to focus on Portuguese studies

The Cátedra Aquilino Ribeiro will be part of the international scientific network of the Camões Institute. It was formally signed by the Portuguese Ambassador.

Find out more (CZ)

Also in the spring semester we will have a reading week. How to use it?

The week of 15 April 2024 will not be a traditional teaching week. Instead, we will once again have a reading week.

Find out more

Summer at the Faculty of Arts MU: sign up for courses in English or auxiliary historical sciences

See what you can look forward to this summer. The capacity of courses and summer schools is limited.

Find out more (CZ)

Archaeologists presented their research plans for new project

The project started in January this year, and four top scientific institutions will work closely together on diverse activities.

Find out more (CZ)

100 years since the birth of Josef Švancara

He was a renowned cognitive, developmental and experimental psychology expert and he worked at the Department of Psychology.

Find out more (CZ)

Have you filled out the crisis contact form?

In the event of a threat, you will receive a warning text message. The measure is part of Masaryk University's new crisis communication.

Find out more

Use suppliers who provide substitute fulfillment

You will contribute to the socially responsible economic operation of the Faculty of Arts MU. See what you should look out for.

Find out more

Celebration of poetry in the Reading Room

Look at how we marked World Poetry Day this year, which traditionally falls on 21 March.

Find out more (CZ)

Results of the elections to the Faculty Academic Senate

The elections were held electronically in the E-voting application of the MU Information System.

Find out more

Respect down to the ground: workshop on sexual harassment (in Czech)

The workshop was prepared by The Centre for Competence Development and the University Ombudsman.

Find out more

Don't forget to plan your holidays in time for this year

You can do this through the INET application, and you have until 16 April 2024. Detailed information is available from your department heads.

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Follow the minutes of the management meetings

Mon 11 Mar

Faculty Management Meeting No. 19 

Mon 25 Mar

Dean's College No. 16 

What awaits us in the coming weeks

Tue 9 Apr

Recruitment to the bone marrow donor register 

The student association Mission of Hope organizes the recruitment. Start at 11:00 AM.

Tue 9 Apr

Mosque: architecture, function, meaning 

The mosque is an architectural manifestation of Islam. But does it have to have a dome and a minaret? What historical developments has its architecture undergone, and what challenges do mosque architects face in modern times? These and other questions will be answered by Arabist Mgr. Martin Rudiš, Ph.D. Start at 4:00 PM.

Mon 15 – Sun 21 Apr

Reading Week

Mon 15 – Thu 18 Apr

Teachers' Week 2024 

Did you like to play school when you were little? Is teaching your destiny? Or did it come by chance? Either way, Teachers Week belongs to you – teachers, lecturers, education students and education enthusiasts.

Wed 17 Apr

Mental Health: Don't be afraid to talk about your problems! 

When is it appropriate to seek professional help? And what are the possible forms it can take, both on and off campus? Starting at 4:00 PM.

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

Faculty in the media

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