We have opened up the world of the humanities. We will celebrate World Philosophy Day.

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Responsibility and sustainability require cooperation

Dear students and colleagues,

a few days ago, we entered the second half of the fall semester. The justified joy and enthusiasm for the excellent renewal of faculty life are unfortunately spoiled for many of us by concerns about the energy crisis, which is becoming an increasingly frequent topic with the arrival of cold foggy mornings and early sunsets.

When we planned the renovation of the primary faculty campus years ago, we had no idea how much we would appreciate some of its new components in the future. Few people know that the efficient use of daylight and sunlight in selected buildings is monitored by special sensors that automatically control the shading technology of the windows; other sensors regulate the lighting of specific corridors about the amount of daylight. But that's not all. The heating of the buildings is controlled by intelligent systems that, among other things, take into account classroom schedules and similarly regulate the air exchange in the classrooms.

However, the events of this turbulent year have made us think more intensively than ever about the sustainability of faculty operations. We are considering various options, but all of them aim to keep the faculty running, despite extreme energy prices. But that requires the efforts of all of us. An effort that will result in a faculty that does not waste.

I would therefore like to ask you all to be as responsible and thoughtful as possible in the interests of all of us. Among other things, the Energy Ten or the detailed overview of activities and measures explicitly aimed at a sustainable faculty environment, will help you to do this. If you have an idea for making operations more efficient, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am confident that we can also tackle this crisis together.

Ivo Jurtík
Faculty bursar

Zelená fakulta

Responsibility and sustainability require collaboration

Find out how you can get involved too.

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We opened the world of humanities with a lecture on Bata

In October, he launched a new series of lectures for the public at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University. It will last until June next year.

Find out more (CZ)

Want to improve your English? Sign up for our language class

The Language School of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University offers courses for everyone. For employees and students at a lower price.

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Humanities Week and Teachers Week 2022: Genetics, Environment, Education

Traditionally, we join the celebration of UNESCO World Philosophy Day by organizing Humanities Week. The programme will focus thematically on the bicentenary of Gregor Johann Mendel's birth and, exceptionally, will also include a Teachers' Week.

Find out more (CZ)

Vaccination against flu

Make an appointment now for your flu shot next fall. Free for MU employees.

Find out more (CZ)

Learn how to use JVS

The workshop is for beginners and advanced students.

Find out more (CZ)


Nominate candidates for evaluation panels

The call was published by The Czech Science Foundation, and proposals can be submitted electronically via a particular form.

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Legal issues and copyright in online teaching and e-learning

Matěj Myška will explain the use of textbooks and books in e-learning or series and films in education. The meeting also includes a discussion.

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Invitation to the internal conference of the e-Learning Office

A meeting aimed at sharing experiences between teachers who work with e-learning, teach online or hybrid.

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Follow the minutes of management meetings

Mon 10 Oct 2022

Faculty Management Meeting No. 5 

Mon 24 Oct 2022

Dean's Board No. 4 

What awaits us in the coming months

Wed 9 Nov 2022 – Sun 8 Jan 2023

Exhibition The Journey of St. Cyril and Methodius and their disciples 

The Institute of Slavonic Studies of the Faculty of Arts MU and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague together with the Cyril and Methodius Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences invite you to the exhibition The Journey of St. Cyril and Methodius and their Disciples.

Wed 9 Nov 2022

Pilgrimage art in the Middle Ages as a physical experience: book launch with book signing and live podcast 

The presentation of the book Pilgrimage Art in the Middle Ages as a Physical Experience. Landscape, Pilgrim and Treasure in the Barvič & Novotný Bookstore on Česká Street in Brno.

Wed 16 Nov 2022

Not only for today, but mainly for a brighter tomorrow: oldřich Nový in the context of the socialist culture of 1948-1955 

Another lecture from the series Open World of Humanities for the general public.

Wed 16 Nov 2022

Zbyněk Fišer: On selected poets, their work, poetics and meaning 

Zbyněk Fišer will present the work, poetics and significance of selected domestic poets. Among other things, there will be excerpts from the poetic work of Petr Veselý, who is currently exhibiting his photographs in the MU Faculty of Arts Reading Room.

Mon 14 – Fri 18 Nov 2022

Humanities Week and Teachers' Week 2022 

We are celebrating UNESCO World Philosophy Day with a week full of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and other interesting events. This year with the theme Genetics, Environment, Education.

Mon 28 Nov 2022

Meeting of the Academic Senate 

Tue 29 Nov 2022

Digital data from the perspective of a humanities scholar 

The Digital Data from the Perspective of a Humanities Scientist conference focuses on digital data and the use of digital technologies in the field of humanities.

Fri 16 Dec 2022

End of teaching part of the semester

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

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