The Academic Senate is not a historical relic. The Language School invites you to spring English courses. The reading room will be filled with black-and-white videos from Tibet.

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105 years of Masaryk University

Dear colleagues,

This year marks the 105th anniversary of the founding of our almae matris, Masaryk University. The Faculty of Arts MU was one of the four founding faculties and had to deal with several obstacles and challenges even before it started teaching and admitting its first students. One hundred five years is nothing in terms of eternity, but in terms of the institution's development, we have perhaps already reached the age of a toddler. From a human perspective, however, it is a period that transcends an individual's life horizon. So, as we celebrate the 105th anniversary of our college and university founding, let us remember the need for prudent and patient work in the present so that future generations can remember us with the same pride and humility with which we now place our founders and predecessors.

Vivat Universitas Masarykiana, vivat Facultas Philosophica, vivant Artes liberales.

Zdeňka Jastrzembská
Vice-Dean for Admissions and Public Relations

Brief history

Podcast Artefakt

The Academic Senate is not a historical relic, it is an important laboratory for collaboration

Listen to the new episode with Pavel Caha and Dagmar Pichová, who talk about the role and powers of the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts MU.

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The collection of nominations for the Senate elections has started

Become a member of the highest body of faculty self-government. Send your candidacy and election programs by February 25.

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Language School invites you to spring English courses

Special advanced exam preparation courses or semester courses for levels B1-B2+ focusing on conversation or grammar practice will open in February/March.

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The reading room will be filled with black and white photos from Tibet

The opening of the exhibition Šoty z Tibetu 1959 will accompanied by a film screening with commentary and tea tasting. The exhibition will commemorate the 65th anniversary of the anti-Chinese uprising in Lhasa.

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Petra Dvořáková: The biggest stereotype is to see stereotypes in everything and reject them

Petra Dvořáková will open a new series of author readings in the Reading Room. She will present her book Pláňata – a novel about coming of age at a crucial time, generational disagreements and false expectations.

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Open Day 2024: over 1 500 people visited the faculty

See what it looked like at the Faculty of Arts MU on Friday, 19th January.

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The Bishopric of Brno begins construction of new dormitories in Jaselská Street

Workers and learners must expect increased dust and noise – buildings J and G, in particular, will be affected.

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Academic Senate has not yet approved the budget methodics

The proposal to fill the newly created Vice-Dean for Accreditation and Doctoral Studies position has not yet received support.

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Melody hidden in numbers – digital technology in the music world

See what opportunities digital technologies offer in the field of musicology.

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NPO project activities and their future direction

Take advantage of the Teaching assistants or Hospitalization program. An online course on How to e-learn is also in the pipeline.

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Follow the minutes of the management meetings

Mon 22 Jan

Dean's College No. 15 

Mon 29 Jan

Session of the Academic Senate 

What awaits us in the coming weeks

Mon 19 Feb

Start of teaching

Wed 21 Feb

Roman Růžička: About Erasmus in Dijon 

Travel lectures in the Reading Room continue with a meeting with Roman Růžička, who will discuss studying in France. Start at 5:00 PM.

Tue 27 Feb

Career Centre at the Faculty of Arts 

The semester is starting, and the MU Career Center is coming to you directly to the faculty. Start at 9:00 AM.

Wed 28 Feb

Opening of the exhibition Šoty z Tibetu 1959 

Mon 11 – Fri 22 Mar

Elections to the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Arts MU

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

Faculty in the media

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