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4 Jun 2023, 9:48  |  Čeština

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Let's think about the purpose of the educational process

Dear colleagues,

Jokes and anecdotes on the topic of artificial intelligence are increasing literally like mushrooms after a rain, and it is already an almost unwritten rule that every political speech that has the ambition to reach the broadest possible masses, especially the young ones, has somehow played on this string as well. However, it would be inappropriate, not to say unworthy, for an academic, especially an academic from the Faculty of Arts MU, to join this trend in the discourse of political representation, even if it were in the realm of hyperbole or parody. Know, then, that I have produced this editorial on my own, without the aid of any text-generating tool on any topic, in all possible stylistic levels, and including the errors and clumsiness typical of beginners in foreign and native languages. Perhaps this is why my introduction is imperfect, brimming with archaisms and sarcastically emotive sobs, so typical of the humanly imperfect world of philologists and thus not easily digestible.

Evidently, this theme is resonating and will continue to resonate more and more, especially in the light of research and the meaningful use of the potential offered by artificial intelligence tools. On Wednesday, 31 May, the first informal faculty discussion was held, especially for academics, on the issues and challenges associated with using generative AI tools in producing various types of student theses. As the ensuing debate revealed, it is crucial at this point to start reflecting on the meaning of the educational process in our faculty, which has undoubtedly been and will be increasingly affected by this revolutionary change in the approach to authorship of the texts we all deal with and which we all so willingly generate ourselves and require from our charges.

But lest I use only a reactionary and backwards-looking lexical arsenal, let me urge a positive approach to the issue. The next meeting, complemented by formative workshops organized by experts with extensive experience in AI, will take place at the beginning of the autumn semester. In the meantime, let's think positively about how we will incorporate AI tools into our efforts to cultivate meaningfully not only Czech society in the future. I hope my colleagues at the Institute of the Czech Language will forgive me for this neologism.

And since I have taken the liberty of turning my attention to my colleagues dealing with our native linguistic wealth, let me take one last look back from a completely different perspective, but one related to the meaningfulness of our efforts. My colleague Pavel Caha ran a beautiful third place during the 5th edition of the Etika on run, celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. The race was organized by the Department of Medical Ethics of the Faculty of Medicine of MU. It was under the auspices of our dean, who, with her team, also defended our faculty colours very responsibly. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate them and thank them for their efforts to draw attention to those who are here with us but will never fully fit into our ranks.

Happy running, and have a great summer.

Petr Dytrt
Vice-dean for internationalization and information technologies, Faculty of Arts


Opravidlo is better than Microsoft Word proofreader

With Dana Hlaváčková and Hana Žižková from the Department of Czech Language at the Faculty of Arts MU about the new language proofreader.

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Miloš Štědroň and Jiří Hanuš christened the new book

Together they discuss topics related to important events and personalities of Brno or talk about the interpretation of Janáček's works. The godmother was Irena Radová.

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Summer English courses in Brno and sunny Telč

Do you want to meet native speakers and expand your vocabulary on travel, art, science or psychology? Sign up for the summer courses at the Faculty of Arts MU Language School.

Find out more (CZ)

Experience first-hand experimental research in the humanities

We are looking for participants for scientific studies.

Find out more (CZ)

Do you like to travel? Share your experiences!

Travel lectures will continue in the Faculty of Arts Reading Room in the autumn. Join us!

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Faculty to self: Afternoon matinee at the beginning of summer

Let's get together before the summer starts and enjoy a "from us for us" event. You'll have the opportunity to try things you haven't tried before or explore places on campus you haven't visited yet. But most of all, you'll be able to meet colleagues informally.

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What do you think about the promotional items of Masaryk University?

Fill in the questionnaire in which ECON MU students explore their (dis)satisfaction with the university shop MUNISHOP.

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Present at the conference Digital Data from a Humanities Researcher's Perspective

Topics can be submitted until 26 June, and the online conference will take place on 23 November 2023.

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Submit project documents in advance and in the correct procedure

We want to remind all project proponents and researchers that submitting all documents through the Faculty Project Office is necessary. At the same time, it is important to comply with the established deadlines. The faculty project support website contains all the required information and contacts.

Find out more Find out more

Sharing experiences: AI in education

We are looking for teachers who want to share with their colleagues how they use AI in their teaching or their work in general.

Find out more

Apply for the scholarship programme to support the use of technology in teaching

Projects can be submitted from mid-May this year. Read the detailed conditions.

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Follow the minutes of the management meetings

Mon 24 Apr 2023

Meeting of the Academic Senate 

Mon 15 May 2023

Minutes No. 12 from the meeting of the management of the Faculty of Arts MU 

Mon 29 May 2023

Dean's Board No. 11 

What awaits us in the coming months

Mon 22 May – Fri 15 Sep 2023

Czechs get to know the Arab world, Arabs life in the Czech Republic, Orientalists/Arabists 

The exhibition will present prominent representatives of the Arab community and Arabists/orientalists involved in the Czech-Arab Society for a long time, who celebrated significant anniversaries in 2022. Both groups are united by a lifelong commitment to developing cultural relations between the Czech Republic and Arab countries.

Tue 23 May – Fri 15 Sep 2023

Son of the Desert - traveller and photographer Alois Musil (1868-1944) 

The exhibition will present a selection of Musil's photographs from his travels in the Middle East and a replica of Musil's map of northern Hijaz. Alois Musil was instrumental in establishing the Czechoslovak Oriental Institute, which celebrated its 100th-anniversary last year. The exhibited photographs of Musil have undergone modifications (retouching, adjusting on aluminium plates) by FAMU experts.

Wed 21 Jun 2023

Do we understand our teenagers? Or traces of English in contemporary Czech (CZ) 

Hana Žižková and Irena Headlandová Kalischová will present the influence of English on the Czech language of today's teenagers. They will explain the abbreviations that are an integral part of their spoken and written language.

Mon 26 Jun 2023

Faculty to self: Afternoon matinee at the beginning of summer 

Let's get together before the summer starts and enjoy a "from us for us" event. You'll have the opportunity to try things you haven't tried before or explore places on campus you haven't visited yet. But most of all, you'll be able to meet colleagues informally.

Fri 30 Jun 2023

End of the exam period

Mon 3 Jul 2023

Start of registration of subjects

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

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The next issue of the faculty newsletter will be published on 9 July. Submissions can be sent until 5 July to propagace@phil.muni.cz.

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