See how Teachers' Week went. The exhibition of Brno archivists presents unique documents of book culture in Moravia. Museum Night at the Faculty of Arts is coming up.

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University has new Study and Examination Regulations

Dear colleagues,

You have probably noticed the news that at the beginning of April, the Academic Senate of Masaryk University approved the new Study and Examination Regulations, which will come into force at the beginning of September. It is, therefore, entirely appropriate to ask whether this also means new rules for bachelor's and master's studies.

The answer is simple – the letter of the regulation is changing, but its spirit remains the same. What has not changed are the conditions for enrolment in the next semester, the methods of completing courses or the number of examination dates, and much more. Thus, we do not notice the novelty of the Study and Examination Regulations very much in the daily routine of studying. However, it has one major exception. In future, one-to-one oral examinations will no longer be possible. The presence of a third person will be necessary. It will become common practice to examine "two by two". It's the proverbial two-sided coin. It has its undeniable advantages but also clear pitfalls—for both parties - learner and teacher. We will have to learn to live with this novelty; only the future will tell which side of the coin will fall more often.

Among the innovations that concern the spirit of the regulation, we should mention a significant tightening of the conditions for obtaining the red diploma. This will be particularly noticeable in our faculty, which has seen less than a third of graduates leave with honours in recent years. The new Study and Examination Regulations set a limit of ten per cent, among other things, so the number of red diplomas will fall significantly. The new wording of the regulations also reflects the recent changes that have taken place in studies and thus explicitly allows matters that have hitherto represented a mainly grey area, especially online elements in teaching and examination.

As has already been said, most of the changes concern the letter of the Study and Examination Regulations. It is much more sensitive to the context of other regulations, and so those passages that are already sufficiently regulated elsewhere have disappeared from it to avoid duplication. However, this can sometimes be confusing, as the ordinary reader of the regulations may not know that what they do not find in the regulations is regulated elsewhere. However, this has been borne in mind. Like the current Regulations, the new Regulations will be accompanied by a detailed explanation in the MU Information System to minimise the risk of misinterpretation.

Each regulation prohibits or mandates something and, conversely, allows something. The new Study and Examination Regulations provide more possibilities than prohibitions, which is good news.

Josef Šaur
Vice-Dean for Bachelors' and Masters' studies

Podcast Artefakt

Archive from one pocket and another: the Moravian Antihus

Přemysl Bar from the Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archive Studies of the Faculty of Arts MU talks about the Antihus manuscript in the next episode of the faculty podcast miniseries.

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That was Teacher's Week this year. Take a look!

The annual workshop series motivates and inspires teachers, lecturers, students and other education enthusiasts. The Dean's Award for Excellence in Education was presented for the first time.

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Exhibition of Brno archivists presents unique documents of book culture in Moravia

It will be on display until 19 May and was prepared by teachers and students from the Institute of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archives of the Faculty of Arts MU.

Find out more (CZ)

The Academic Senate discussed changes in doctoral studies

It also dealt with the reduction in the capacity of the Onedrive app.

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Museum Night at the Faculty of Arts MU

Visitors will see the new exhibition in the air-raid shelter, a lecture on Tibet and art workshops.

Find out more (CZ)

HR Award – Equal conditions for women and men at the faculty will be examined by the second gender audit

It will serve as the basis for a new university-wide gender equity plan.

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OneDrive reduces capacity

The size of uploaded data must now not exceed 100 GB. If users exceed the quota, their storage will automatically switch to read mode in July.

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E-learning as an effective learning support

Find out how to make sense of e-learning in your teaching.

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Data management plan

Are you preparing a project that includes a data management plan? Take advantage of expert consultation.

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Follow the minutes of the management meetings

Mon 8 Apr

Faculty Management Meeting No. 20 

Mon 15 Apr

Session of the Academic Senate 

Mon 22 Apr

Dean's College No. 17 

What awaits us in the coming weeks

Wed 8 May

Opening: Lucie Vobr Jestřabíková, Let It Burn 

The new exhibition at Galerie Edikuka will present a series of porcelain vases, whose concept by Lucie Vobr Jestřabíková responds to the traditional onion sets, which usually become domestic shrines of design, enclosed in showcases instead of practical use. Starting at 6:00 PM.

Wed 15 May

MUNI RUN 2024 

Come to the first year of the university MUNI RUN. Both adults and children can participate. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the MUNI HELPS Volunteer Center. Registration is required. Start at 3:00 PM.

Thu 16 May


All-day sports and social gatherings at the Bohunice University Campus. The rich programme is intended for all staff and students who can take advantage of the Rector's leave to visit. Registration is required.

Sat 18 May

Open House Brno 2024 

The Faculty of Arts MU will again participate in the Open House Brno architecture festival. We will offer the public a tour of the newly created exhibition in the shelter from the 1950s and a walk through the artworks on the premises. Start at 10:00 AM.

Sat 18 May

Museum Night at the Faculty of Arts 

The Faculty will participate in Brno Museum Night for the first time this year. It will include a tour of the air-raid shelter, a taste of the ancient symposium or art workshops. Registration is required. Start at 6:00 PM.

Fri 24 May

End of teaching

Mon 27 May

Start of the exam period

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

Faculty in the media

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