HR Award – Equal conditions for women and men at the faculty will be examined by the second gender audit

Like the previous one, it will be used to create a new university-wide gender equality plan. In addition, the three-year gap will allow us to monitor how far we have progressed in this area.

3 May 2024

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The first gender equality audit was conducted at our faculty in 2021. Masaryk University then created the MU Gender Equality Plan for 2022-2024 based on the findings of the gender audit of its faculties and units. Subsequently, a number of measures were implemented to promote gender equality at the university and faculty level, which you have been continuously informed about.

With a gap of three years, we are preparing the second faculty gender equality audit, which will take place in the spring and summer months of this year, following the same methodology as the previous audit. It will be conducted by an internal working group made up of representatives of researchers at various levels, students and staff from supporting departments. An external expert from the National Contact Centre - Gender and Science will be available for consultation. Again, we will examine the situation and make recommendations in eight areas:

  1. Organizational culture
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Recruitment and selection
  4. Career progression
  5. Gender balance in leadership and decision-making
  6. Measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment
  7. Integration of the gender dimension into research and innovation
  8. Study and student population

This time we will also have the opportunity to compare the situation in the area of gender equality three years ago and now, which will certainly be an interesting moment. The findings of the audit will then be used to develop the new university-wide Gender Equality Plan 2025-2027.

We also plan to obtain important inputs for the audit from group interviews with employees of our faculty. If you are interested in the topics mentioned above or would like to participate in the audit in other ways, please contact HR Award Manager Mgr. Silvia Rampouchová (

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