Lowest Unemployment Rate in the EU

With relatively low immigration and strong emigration drive, the Czech Republic has long struggled with excessively low unemployment (the lowest in the EU for several years in a row) and high job vacancy rate. Czech Republic - Job vacancy rate was 3.40% in December of 2023, according to the EUROSTAT. Historically, Czech Republic - Job vacancy rate reached a record high of 6.20% in September of 2019 and a record low of 3.40% in December of 2023.

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World’s Best Country for Women to Work

And according to expat women, the Czech Republic has come out as the #1 working destination across the globe, with a whopping 83% of women stating that they were happy with their jobs in the country.

“Czechia has constantly climbed up the ranking of the best countries for women working abroad,” said InterNations head of content and communications Kathrin Chudoba.

“While it only ranked 26th in 2015, it was voted the best country for women working abroad in the latest Expat Insider survey. Female expats are now significantly happier in their jobs in the country.” Read the whole article here.

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The Most In-Demand Languages On the Czech Job Market

While there are many job opportunities for foreigners on the Czech job market, and English is certainly considered an important skill for those seeking employment here, in many cases, it’s not enough. 

In today’s globalized economy, mastery of several languages has become an asset in the workforce and the demand for applicants with language skills is on the rise.

According to Veronika Hejdukova of Grafton Recruitment, foreigners who seek jobs in Prague and speak German, Scandinavian languages, and other less common European languages such as Dutch, Romanian, or Hungarian, have become increasingly desirable on the Czech job market.

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Number of Foreigners in Brno Keeps Growing

Brno offers many career and educational opportunities as it is home of a vast number of international companies searching for multilingual employees and quality schools. That’s why the number of foreigners in Brno keeps growing. Find out more here.

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Lifestyle & Free Time

Outside swimming pools

If you not only study in Brno, but also live here, you might be interested in some free time activities. It’s natural that when it gets hot, everyone starts looking around for a pool, a river, a lake, a beach, or anywhere they can enjoy the sun and stay cool at the same time. That is why you should take a look at the suggestions that will help you choose a nice place to enjoy summer season while in Brno – click here.

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Czech Language Courses

All students of English language programs at the Faculty of Arts will have the possibility to attend Czech language courses free of charge.

But if you want to get a head start, you can try Duolingo or Memrise. With these apps, you can study Czech whenever you have just a few minutes of free time. 

Alternatively, you can also check out this list of study portals and materials put together by the South Moravian Regional Center for the Support of the Integration of Foreigners. They even offer Czech language courses that are free of charge for EU nationals

Free Walking Tours in Brno

Brno Free Walking Tours are insightful and fun and quite likely the best tip-based walking tours travelers can take in this city. You are encouraged to ask questions about anything to do with the way of life in Brno. Visit their Facebook profile here.

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Authentic and non-traditional propagation of Brno

Real people, real life. The typical sightseeing spots serve only as a background. There are countless campaigns that try to focus on popular places and historical sites. The city of Brno has decided to try an unconventional way and has cast real-life people with their daily activities and errands. Brno would like to continue building its brand name and boost tourism. The hashtag #brnotruestory is used to tag specific events in Brno. In order to attract more visitors, Brno has launched Go to Brno website.

For more videos, photos and other info check out its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube accounts.

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Masaryk University's 100th Anniversary

Masaryk University was founded in 1919 as the second in Czechoslovakia. Currently, Masaryk University, abbreviated as MU or MUNI, offers numerous study programs across nine faculties, including programs in English for international students.

Masaryk University is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019 by giving thanks. If you want to find out more about the events and activities organized throughout all the faculties, click here.

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With the creation of “Fakescape”, a game designed to teach the concept of distinguishing between real and fake news, the game brings an improvement to the community. It educates people on distinguishing reality from fantasy, thus contributing to people’s development.

A team of six students led by Miloš Gregor and Petra Vejvodová from Masaryk University embarked on their journey to Washington, D.C. and returned home to Czechia – winning second place in the Facebook-sponsored global competition.

Though the competition has ended, the movement brought upon by “Fakescape” is not over. Tereza Kráčmarová has informed Brno Daily that the team plans to “create an English version, as well as bring it to the international scene – to Sweden, Hungary, Macedonia, and other countries”. Read more about the game and its success here.

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Short Story Contest

Brno Writers Group is organizing a free short story contest. The short stories must be in English, 2,500 words or less, and include the theme “The Heart of Europe” in some significant way. Entries must be submitted by email by midnight May 26, 2019. Winners will be announced in mid-June. For more information go to http://brnowritersgroup.blogspot.com/.

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Tips & Experience of Other Expats

Income and Standard of Living

If you would like to hear some personal experience from that are already living and working here in Czechia, check out this video. These people have first-hand experience with job hunting and general life in our country. Find out more here.

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Socializing in Brno

When travelling to a new country, whether it is for work, education, leisure, or starting a new life with your family, the process can be very overwhelming and scary. You may feel alone and unsure of what steps you need to take to find your place in a new country. Fortunately, you are not alone. There are others like you in Brno, looking for new people to meet and connect with. Brno Expat Centre has put together a couple of handy tipis for newcomers. You can read more here.

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International Press

Many international magazines and papers have started noticing Brno in the past years. For example, Independent describes Brno with these words: „The Czech Republic’s second largest city offers a welcome respite from the constant crowds of Prague. A renowned university town, locals and students are extremely well catered for in this burgeoning gastronomic and cultural hub.“ Read more here.

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Why You Should Move to Brno

A small city in the heart of Europe is quickly becoming a place of interest for students, innovators and tourists alike. Continue reading here.

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Top 10 ‘European Cities of the Future’

The city of Brno ranked highly among the “European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19” in an extensive survey by the prestigious British financial publication fDi Magazine, published by The Financial Times. Read the whole article here.

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Best Universities in the 13 Latest European Union Member States

The University of Tartu in Estonia has topped a new Times Higher Education table of the best research-intensive universities in “New Europe” – the 13 nations that have joined the European Union since 2004. The Czech Republic is the most represented country, with 13 institutions, while Poland claims 12 of the places, Hungary takes seven, and Romania has five. Masaryk University is the 7th best from the list. Find out more here.

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Safest Countries in the World

The Institute for Economics and Peace has revealed its latest Global Peace Index (GPI) for 2023, ranking the safest countries around the world. According to this list, Czechia is the eighth most peaceful country in Europe. 

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Top 10 Student Cities According to Students in 2018

As of 2017, the QS Best Student Cities ranking includes a student view indicator, based on ratings from more than 50,000 students and recent graduates which were gathered in our student survey.

Students were asked to rate their city on eight categories: arts and culture, affordability, nightlife, employment opportunities, diversity, tolerance and inclusion, ease of getting around, and friendliness. They were also asked whether they’d like to stay, or had stayed, in the city after graduating, reflecting their views on its employment prospects. And Brno was featured among the top 10 cities (placed 9th). To find out more, access this link.

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Cheapest EU Countries for Consumer Goods

Eurostat has released its annual data revealing the most and least expensive consumer goods and services around the European Union. In general, prices for goods and services in the Czech Republic remain relatively cheap compared to the EU average. In the Czech Republic, restaurants and hotels are 60 percent of the EU average, with the country holding a position of #26 in that category. For comparison see Denmark (151%) and Sweden (146%).

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Emerging Economies University Rankings 2018

In the ranking prepared by Times Higher Education, Masaryk University has recorded a great improvement of 13 positions (from 2017) and it placed 83rd. To access the whole list and to read more about methodology, visit this webpage.

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Freedom Ranking

The Czech Republic has scored 91 out of 100 on the latest freedom rankings by Freedom House. Find out more here.

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Quality of Life Index 2019

How is life in Brno? Well, it is better than in New York or London. At least according to the Quality of Life Index 2019 made by Numbeo. Brno placed 89th, just a few positions ahead of the Czech capital, Prague (97th). Quality of Life Index is an estimation of overall quality of life by using an empirical formula which takes into account purchasing power index, pollution index, house price to income ratio, cost of living index and many other factors.

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