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Faculty website  |  1/2023
8 Jan 2023, 14:01  |  Čeština

Faculty Newsletter

Editorial: Into the new year with creativity and playfulness

Dear colleagues, students,

Instead of the traditional editorial, let us start this year's first newsletter with a photographic look back at a few days in December, which proved that we at the faculty do not lack creativity and playfulness. At the same time, however, they remind us of the cruel transience of all human endeavor when we look from the windows now. With these encouraging words, we take the liberty of wishing you a successful start to the new year - more successful than the one our Caesar went through, along with other snow creatures.

On behalf of the Faculty's PR Office and the editors of the faculty newsletter
Tomáš Weissar

Other photos  Externí odkaz

The year of Mendel is over, don't forget to change your email signature

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The Faculty opened my eyes, says famous Czech influencer

With Jarmil Vepřek about social networks, the popularization of the Czech language, and his path to studying at the MU Faculty of Arts.

Find out more (CZ)

The day everything turned upside down

An exhibition devoted to the stories of people whose lives were changed by the war in Ukraine opened in the MU Faculty of Arts Reading Room.

Find out more (CZ)

Bake and cook from old prints

Boil the crayfish, separate the tails and the claws. Crayfish soup is still one of the specialties

This time, a unique series of the Faculty of Arts of MU presents a recipe for the preparation of crayfish soup.

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Want to improve your English? Sign up for our language class

Choose from a wide range of special courses taught only during the exam period or spring conversation courses.

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Watch a unique series of videos on TikTok

The Faculty of Arts is presented as an environmentally friendly place. The videos can be found under the link "zelená filda".

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Follow the minutes of management meetings

Mon 12 Dec 2022

Faculty Management Meeting No. 6 

What awaits us in the coming months

Wed 14 Dec 2022 – Tue 28 Feb 2023

Evgeniia Tokmakova: The day everything turned upside down 

An exhibition of photographs that traces the stories of five war refugees. The author of the portraits, Evgeniia Tokmakova, will present the stories of four women and one man whose lives were turned upside down by the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

Mon 2 Jan – Fri 10 Feb 2023

Exam period

Mon 2 Jan – Sun 26 Feb 2023

Registration and enrolment of courses for the spring semester

Fri 20 Jan 2023

Open Day 2023 

Applicants will get detailed information about the admission procedure. They will learn about the advantages of studying at the faculty and the possibilities of studying abroad.

Wed 25 – Thu 26 Jan 2023

Technology beyond the event horizon 

The aim of the conference is to spark an interdisciplinary debate on the challenges and hopes arising from the current exponential growth of technological innovation.

Mon 13 Feb 2023

Start of classes in the spring semester

Other events can be found in the calendar of events on the website. For all study dates, see the schedule in IS.

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The next issue of the faculty newsletter will be published on 5 February. Submissions can be sent until 1 February to propagace@phil.muni.cz.

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