Hie hebt sich an die Cronicka des kunigrichs
czu Behemen vnd sagt, wie sy zum Ersten werd genennet.

BSB München, Cgm. 1112, fol. 53a (Pulkava)

Late Middle Ages German historiographical texts from Bohemia - A philological analysis, electronic edition

The Topic
The 14th century with the well-known high point during the reign Charles’ IV. of the Luxemburg dynasty can be certainly considered one of the remarkable periods of the Czech history. In a shorter perspective it was the political importance of the Bohemian Lands as a heart of the Holy Roman Empire, however a longer-term effects seem to have been established in the fields of the culture and arts as well as the social structures. There are numerous famous pieces of art-work such as (painting, architecture etc.), on the other hand e.g. the writings don’t seem to receive that much attention (maybe excepting the most important pieces). The historiography-writings are among the artefacts, which are rather rarely focused, even in the scholar circles. There are certainly some reasons for this situation; undoubtedly on this field the level comparable to some other spheres or even the previous work (cf. e.g. the stylistic qualities of the chronicle Peters of Zittau) was not reached. It can be assumed, that the intentions of the Emperor were not fulfilled in this particular aspect, although there are indication, that he was personally interested in the plan to create the state historiography of his Crown Lands, which would present the role of the Luxemburg dynasty according the desired scheme. This concept of chronicles was absent in Bohemia until that time and was inspired evidently by the French Grandes Chroniques.
The topic of the presented project is a group of so far rather underestimated texts partly falling in the context delimited above. These are Late Medieval historiographical texts written in German and connected with the Bohemian Lands. Among other things during the previous investigations of the applicant (Rhymed German Translation of the so called Dalimil-Chronicle – GAAV project Nr. KJB901640605) there was recognized a need for analysing these adjacent fields.