Klára Tučková

In the photo below we can see the building of the University of Oslo on the main street in Oslo, Karl Johans gate. During my stay, I had the opportunity to participate in activities with other students and be part of visits to various institutions.

Photo (from left to right): Jitka Peloušková, Anna Šilhanová, Bronislava Garčárová, Zuzana Blahová, Klára Tučková, Miluše Juříčková, Zuzana Parthonová, Lukáš Prusák

Photo by: Petra Vrbová

at the Domus Bibliotheca building, the building of the University of Oslo, used mainly by the Faculty of Law

During our project in Oslo, I studied materials related to my master's thesis "From Shame to Pride. The Fight for Human Rights on the Norwegian LGBT Front", which I had the opportunity to work on during my stay in Oslo. The work deals with the development of the LGBT community and puts it in the context of a wide range of human rights. It focuses in particular on Det Norske Forbundet and in 1948 (Norwegian Association of 1948, hereinafter DNF-48), the first Norwegian organization for the protection of LGBT rights.

There are four key gay rights reforms for which DNF-48 has been successfully committed over the past 21 years.

Use an excerpt from the resume of the master's thesis From Shame to Pride. Fight for human rights on the Norwegian LGBT front. Text author: Klára Tučková

PhD student Mgr. Kristýna Tronečková - student of the Department of Psychology, six-month stay at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

At Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, I have had a very fruitful collaboration with Associate Professor Ricardo Lugo, my local supervisor.
I very much appreciate his leadership and willingness to help me in the process and completion of my dissertation, which also focuses on the Norwegian population, as well as our joint research on happiness in Norway based on Bhutanese measurements.
I was also taking a part in the lessons of Associate Professor Lugo, who lectures on the concept of happiness, among other things, and reporting to the students on the current outcomes of my dissertation research, its connection and background, and the concept of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan. 

In December and January, I also collected material and interviewed local respondents for my dissertation on psychology, which focuses on connecting different types of spirituality and well-being of seniors in a multicultural context. The research is based mainly on semi-structured interviews and the use of interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA), which serves as a tool for evaluating the interviews. Thanks to IPA, it is possible to look for common denominators and differences between the studied nations.

Mgr. Kristýna Tronečková
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Olga Brzobohatá a Ivana Tršková

Thanks to the EEA Grants was to Ivana Tršková and Olga Brzobohatá given the opportunity to participate at a half-year study stay at University of Agder in Kristiansand, where they both studied and took their part in this project. Olga wrote a seminar work about Jens Bjorneboe during her stay. Both students worked together with prof. Svein Slettan.

Photo: Ivana Tršková, Svein Slettan, Olga Brzobohatá

Olga and Ivana together with Svein Slettan

However, Ivana worked with Svein Slettan more, because she began to write her master thesis there. The name of her work is: The crisis in Czechoslovakia in 1938 in the texts of three Norwegian writers: Lars Berg, Sigurd Evensmo and Nils J. Murer.

Photo: Olga Brzobohatá, Ivana Tršková

Both students on a Bergen sightseeing

Thanks to this project students could visit diverse museums (Bergen, Tromso, Kristiansand), cultural and educating workshops and much more.

photo: Ivana Tršková and Olga Brzobohatá

In the Kilden Theatre
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