During our stay in Oslo, I had the opportunity to visit the Nic Waals Institutt, a clinic founded by Nic Waal in 1951. I was welcomed by the head of the clinic, Anne-Stine Meltzer, who was very kind and showed me a lot of interesting materials about Nic Waal - her personal  suitcase with lots of interesting materials, such as diaries about the treatment, studies recording various factors affecting mental health or newspaper articles. I learned more about the clinic and treatment today, everything was very beneficial for me and definitely an unforgettable experience.

In the photo: Anne-Stine Meltzer

Photo by: Petra Vrbová

Anne-Stine Meltzer

Exterior view of the Nic Waals Institutt building. I am fascinated by how the building can maintain such a modern look for decades. This institute is a clinic for children and adolescents, it treats a number of psychological problems and diseases, such as ADHD, autism, eating disorders.

Photo by: Petra Vrbová

Nic Waals Institutt

Towards the end of my tour of the institute, this photo was taken of me with Anne-Stine Meltzer and a photo of Nic Waal hanging in the waiting room of the clinic. From Nic Waal's photo we can see how positive a person he was. In this clinic, one really feels the family atmosphere, the understanding, the desire to help and the warm attitude of all who work there.

Photo: Anne-Stine Meltzer, Petra Vrbová

Anne-Stine Meltzer, Petra Vrbová
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This photo is from our visit to the Aschehoug publishing house, where we were welcomed by local employees Henrik Francke and Eva Tillman. They explained us how such a large publishing house works and with which writers they collaborate. On this photo we can see the the moment of dedicating books to students on behalf of the publishing house.

In the photo (from left): Evy Tillman, Miluše Juříčková, Henrik Francke

Photo by: Petra Vrbová

(from left): Evy Tillman, Miluše Juříčková, Henrik Francke

As students of Scandinavian studies, we had the opportunity to visit The University of Oslo, Centre for Ibsen studies. On the photo is with us professor Giuliano D'Amico, who introduced us the way of gathering information about Henrik Ibsen's performances around the world and showed us a richly equipped library. We also came to know how research and study take place here.

In the photo (from left): Miluše Juříčková, Giuliano D'Amico, Jitka Peloušková, Zuzana Blahová, Petra Vrbová, Bronislava Garčárová, Klára Tučková, Anna Šilhanová, Zuzana Parthonová

doc. PhDr. Miluše Juříčková, Giuliano D'Amico with students
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