Log file spánku a ranního vstávání

Sleeping log started at 23:00
Set sleep timeout at 6.00
Sleep timeout timed out.
Starting waking process
Determining system state...
System state is gama
Terminating dreaming thread...Done
Switching to Alpha state...Done
Scheduling Beta state
Reinitialising memory...Done
Loading Initial day data
Aproximating time and date
Starting external sensors.
Eyes opened
Ears initialised
Balancing system ready
Receiving first space data... white surface
Determining system status-laying
Calculating starting coordinates and position
System status... laying on bed
Inserting startup data into internal cache
Starting Consciousness... done.
Consciousness scheduled Ego after Beta state
Switched to Beta state
Ego started
Ego takes over
System is waked up
Closing log.
Log closed at 6:04
Erasing log... sharing violation
Log is shared by Ego thread - cannot erase
Windows not found - system is stable and running