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The Department of Czech Language, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University with the support of Institute of Ethnology, the Czech Academy of Sciences, Moravian Library and Moravian Museum organizes conference


Transformations of Czech ‘kramářské písně’ (Broadside Ballads) – media, traditions, contexts

Brno, September 11. – 13. 2019


The conference is organized under the umbrella of the framework NAKI II Broadside Ballads in the Historical Collections in Brno (DG18P02OVV021) and it is intended for all specialists for whom Broadside Ballads (Leaflets / Chapbooks) are a relevant source – be it librarians, literary scientists, linguists, musicologists, ethnologists and cultural anthropologists, historians, art historians and museum workers.

The conference organizers especially welcome interdisciplinary contributions and contributions concerning methodology used for this type of research. The following topics are highly welcome:

  • Possible definitions of the Broadside Ballads genre and/or Broadside Print production;
  • Broadside Ballads as subject of Bibliography Science (production, printing houses, distribution, censorship);
  • The language aspect of Broadside Ballads;
  • Adaptation of foreign texts / themes;
  • Intertextuality and Intermediality in Broadside Ballads;
  • Reception and collectibles of Broadside Ballads;
  • Readers and listeners of Broadside Ballads;
  • Broadside Ballads melodies;
  • Publishers’ self-presentation (e.g., printing houses, monastic orders, pilgrim places, etc.);
  • Broadside Ballad as a medium of memory;
  • Broadside Ballads media (print, handwriting, oral tradition);
  • Historical events reflected in Broadside Ballads;
  • Stylistic and thematic stereotypes in Broadside Ballads;
  • Broadside Ballads as a manifestation of popular culture;
  • Broadside Ballads’ place in the system of contemporary genres;
  • Political and religious propaganda in Broadside Ballads;
  • Ethnological and hymnological aspects of Broadside Ballads;
  • Visual aspects of Broadside Ballads;
  • Czech Broadside Ballads in the European context.


Invited speakers:

  • prof. Patricia Fumerton (Department of English, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA),
  • prof. dr hab. Piotr Grochowski (Department of Cultural Studies, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland),
  • doc. PhDr. Eva Krekovičová, DrSc. (Insititue of Ethnology and Social Anthropology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia),
  • Dr. Tobias Widmaier (Centrum for Popular Culture and Music, University of Freiburg, Germany).


The conference languages are English and German (in special cases, Czech is accepted as well).


Abstracts should be submitted in PDF format through EasyChair, the submission deadline is April 20, 2019 April 30, 2019 (deadline extended) (in case this link doesn't work, try the one below)

Abstracts should not exceed 1 page (format A4), font Times New Roman (size 12). A second page could be used for references.

Each talk is allotted 20 minutes + discussion.

The contributions are peer reviewed (two independent reviews). The final program, however, remains in the competence of the Organizing Committee.



Important dates:

April 20, 2019 April 30, 2019 (deadline extended) – abstract submission deadline

May 31, 2019 – notifications

June 20, 2019 – registration + conference fee payment


The conference fee is 1000 CZK (40 EUR) and itmust be paid (by bank transfer) to the given bank account by the beginning of the conference.


We do not plan conference proceedings; however, selected contributions could be included into an English written collective monograph (with the working title Broadside Ballads as an object of interdisciplinary research). Alternatively, the contributions could be published in one of the following periodics Folia ethnographica, Český lid, Linguistica Brunensia or Bohemica litteraria, published by the institutions involved in the project.


The Organizers

doc. Mgr. Pavel Kosek, Ph.D.  
prof. PhDr. Jana Pleskalová, CSc. prof. PhDr. Michaela Soleiman pour Hashemi, CSc.
Mgr. Veronika Bromová, Ph.D. doc. PhDr. Hana Bočková, Dr.
Mgr. Olga Navrátilová, Ph.D. Mgr. Marie Hanzelková, Ph.D.


If you have any questions concerning the conference, please contact us at

Dear colleagues,

we would like to remind you that your abstract in the Easychair platform for the conference "Transformations of Czech „kramářské písně“ Broadside Ballads - media, traditions, contexts" must be anonymous. It is then assessed by two reviewers (double blind review) who should not be able to identify you based on the abstract.


- do not list your name(s) in the abstract you upload as a pdf file to Easychair

- do not include information / formulation by which you can be easily identified (e.g., project name, project number) and refrain from self-citations of the type ´…as I showed in earlier work (Kosek (2000) and elsewhere), etc.

- remove your name(s) in the file properties, i.e., before you convert the file from Word format (or any other text editor) to pdf format, delete your name in the file users (for Microsoft Word, select File > Properties > Users; for Microsoft Word for Mac, select File > Properties > Summary).

If you have already uploaded your abstract to the Easychair system and it did not follow the guidelines above, we kindly ask you to upload the abstract again, this time, please, follow the guidelines and anonymize the abstract. Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the organizers.

We are grateful for your help on the abstract anonymization.

Thank you & best regards,


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