Di tutsch kronik von behem lant
Wirt zcu rim hi wol bekant
The German chronicle of Bohemia - here
in rhymes you can hear.
(Fol 7ra Ms. G 45, Archive of the Prague Castle - Metropolitan Chapter Library; 1389)

Rhymed German translation of the Old Czech chronicle of so called Dalimil in the context of the Czech, Latin and German textual tradition – linguistic, literary and historical analysis; edition and commentary

Junior research project - Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Registration number: KJB901640605
Estimated project duration: January 2006 - December 2008

The objective of the project is the edition and commentary of the rhymed German translation of the Old Czech Chronicle, implemented both in printed and electronic form – taking into account the needs of the particular disciplines concerned in the international context. The last edition (1878) originated in the 19th and the beginning 20th century. The present challenge is to synthesize the later research and to reflect the contemporary textological concepts of the Czech chronicle, as well as the source discoveries (e.g. the fragment of the Latin translation). The chronicle and its translations are excellent sources for the history of letters, diachronic linguistics and for the social, cultural and general history. Research into social, ethnic and language conditions in the medieval Bohemian lands reveals tensions and animosities but also attempts to overcome them. The above mentioned sources illustrate both tendencies in a very complex way, which is why they are worth the attention.

Published books:
  Brom, Vlastimil: Der deutsche Dalimil.
Untersuchungen zur gereimten deutschen Übersetzung der alttschechischen Dalimil-Chronik.

Brno: Masarykova univerzita 2006;
281 s. ISBN 80-210-4211-7.

(280 CZK; available in the bookshop H. Smílková; FF MU, A. Nováka 1; 602 00 Brno; e-mail: knihysmilkova@atlas.cz)

  Brom, Vlastimil (ed.): Di tutsch kronik von Behem lant.
Die gereimte deutsche Übersetzung der alttschechischen Dalimil-Chronik.
Rýmovaný německý překlad staročeské Dalimilovy kroniky.

Brno : Masarykova univerzita, 2009. 586 s. 1. vyd. ISBN 978-80-210-4794-5.

(370 Kč; available in the bookshop H. Smílková; FF MU, Veveří 26; 602 00 Brno; e-mail: knihysmilkova@atlas.cz; and in MU - University Press, in the online Shopping Center.)