Propositional Logic


  • Logika I (PHBL1, PHV241, PHV2451)


prof. Jiri Raclavsky, Ph.D.


The content of the course can be estimated from the supporting handout. During the semester, nearly the whole book Introduction to Logic: Classical Propositional Logic (see below) is covered.
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Klasická výroková logika

Raclavský, Jiří (2015): Úvod do logiky: klasická výroková logika[Introduction to Logic: Classical Propositional Logic]. ISBN 978-80-210-7790-4, Brno: Masarykova univerzita (Munipress), 238 stran.

The book Introduction to Logic: Classical Propositional Logic is the first part of an introduction to logic which is intended primarily for students in humanities and related subjects. The book presents not only the main information about propositional logic, whereas an accent is put on the notion of entailment. The reader is gradually introduced to techniques enabling investigation of semantic properties of formulas and methods of formal demonstration as well as their applications in the field of natural language. The book involves a number of practical examples; a great portion of them practise constructing negations, equivalents and checking arguments.

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Raclavský, Jiří (2016): Handout - výroková logika (PDF).

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