Faculty staff

Matthew Rampley, B.A., Ph.D.

Extraordinary professor, Department of Art History

Correspondence Address:
Arna Nováka 1/1, 602 00 Brno

Office: bldg. L/416
Veveří 468/26
602 00 Brno

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Phone: +420 549 49 6782

Curriculum vitae

Name, first names, scientific degrees
  • Prof. Matthew Rampley
  • Department of Art History Faculty of Arts Veveří 470/28 Brno 61200
  • European Research Council Prinicipal Investigator
Education and academic qualifications
  • 1993: PhD in Aesthetics and History of Art, University of St. Andrews 1988: BA (Hons) Classics and Modern Languages (German and Ancient Greek), University of Oxford
Professional experience
  • 2010-2019: Chair in History of Art, University of Birmingham 2006-2010: Assistant Dean, Research, Faculty of Arts and Media, Teesside University 2000-2005: Director, Centre for Visual and Cultural Studies, Edinburgh College of Art 1994-2000: Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Art Theory and Criticism, Surrey Institute of Art and Design (now: University of the Creative Arts)
Teaching activities
  • Historiography and Visual Research Postmodern and Contemporary Art Central European 19th and 20th century art and architecture Art and National Identity Museology and the History of Museums Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art European and North American Modernism Art Education
Research activities
  • Art and Architecture of Central Europe, 1800-2000 Contemporary Art and Art Criticism Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art The Historiography of Art
Other academic activities, research projects, grants
  • 2012-2016: Head of School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music, University of Birmingham 2010-2012: Head of Department of History of Art, University of Birmingham
Most significant professional accomplishments
  • 2019-2023: MUNI Award in the Sciences and the Humanities Kč 25m 2018-2023: ERC Advanced Grant: CRAACE (Continuity / Rupture in Art and Architecture of Central Europe 1918-1939) €2.5m 2015-2018: Major Award, Leverhulme Trust: Exhibiting Imperial and National Identities in Habsburg Central Europe £286,000
Major publications
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew, Markian PROKOPOVYCH a Nóra VESZPRÉMI. Liberalism, Nationalism and Design Reform in the Habsburg Empire : Museums of Design, Industry and the Applied Arts. New York: Routledge, 2020, 208 s. Routledge Research in Art Museums and Exhibitions. ISBN 978-0-367-43489-2. URL URL info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. Temples of Modernity? Avant-Garde Church Architecture between the Wars. In Vaidas Petrulis. Modernism for the Future: An International Conference. Kaunas: kaunas22.eu, 2019, s. 32-41. URL info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. Theories of agency in art. Journal of Art Historiography. University of Birmingham, 2019, roč. 20, June 2019, 6 s. ISSN 2042-4752. URL info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. The Seductions of Darwin: Art, Evolution and Neuroscience. Penn State University Press, 2017. ISBN 978-0-271-07742-0. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. German Industriousness, German Spirit, German Energy and German Persistence:” the Moravian Design Museum and Cultural Politics in the Habsburg Empire. West 86th The Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History and Material Culture. 2017, s. 201-229. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. From Potemkin City to the Estrangement of Vision: Baroque Modernity in Austria, before and after 1918. Austrian History Yearbook. 2016, č. 47, s. 167-187. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. The Vienna School of Art History: Empire and the Politics of Scholarship, 1847-1918. Penn State University Press, 2013, 336 s. ISBN 978-0-271-06158-0. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. Art History and Visual Studies in Europe. Transnational Discourses and National Frameworks. In Matthew Rampley. Art History and Visual Studies in Europe. Transnational Discourses and National Frameworks. Leiden: Brill, 2012, s. 1-16,119-134,231-249, 421-438. ISBN 978-90-04-21877-2. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. Peasants in Vienna. Ethnographic Display and the 1873 World’s Fair. Austrian History Yearbook. 2011, roč. 42, s. 110-132. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. Warburg, Judaism and the Politics of Identity. ’ Oxford Art Journal. 2011, roč. 33, č. 3, s. 317-335. info
  • FILIPOVÁ, Marta a Matthew RAMPLEY. Možnosti vizuálních studií : obrazy, texty, interpretace. 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, Filozofická fakulta, Seminář dějin umění, 2007, 254 s. ISBN 978-80-87029-26-8. info
  • RAMPLEY, Matthew. Nietzsche, Aesthetics and Modernity. Cambridge University Press, 2000, 298 s. ISBN 0-521-65155-7. info


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